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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Nuno Coelho Santos, Dec 01, 2016

    This is stellar work, great job Nuno! I'm a user of Currency and really love it.

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, Apr 08, 2016

    I think the unfortunate sexism and lack of understanding in the comments here is unacceptable.

    DN mods, please do the right thing and publicly decry the dialogue here. You're witnessing the community become ever more hostile to women.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Jesse Chase, Product Design Portfolio, Mar 16, 2016

    Really nice! Reminds of of the Pantone color of the year:

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  • Posted to Site Design: Hack@Brown 2016, in reply to Blakey Snakey , Dec 07, 2015

    Good point, thanks Blakey! Will fix.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Hack@Brown 2016, Dec 07, 2015

    We just launched the website for Brown's annual student hackathon. We have a focus on mentorship and diversity, and try to communicate that through our design.

    Feedback welcome!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Stamps & Sons, Oct 21, 2015

    Would be nice to have a few example images I can try out without having to go hunt for my own!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Post your desktops, Jul 21, 2015

    Athyuttam's Desktop

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's the best payment flow you've seen?, in reply to Nicole P. , Jun 01, 2015

    Thanks Nicole! :D

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  • Posted to A collection of well-designed resumes, Apr 01, 2015

    A lot of these are visually well designed, but seem to miss some key things about resume-design. These are a few things I noticed, and I could be wrong, but here goes:

    • Legibility. Some of them have huge paragraphs, some of them centered text, some of them extremely wide columns. One or two have circularly shaped text, etc.

    • Direction. Usually in a resume, you want the reader to follow one logical direction, glancing over the most important things within seconds, and then having the freedom to learn more if they want to. Having a large number of columns with solid lines separating them, and sections that compete for attention is probably not the best idea.

    • Iconography. Having a row of social media icons on a print resume is not useful, and similarly, icons for icons' sake could distract from text.

    • Visualizations. There is a fine line around where visualizations (for skills etc.) are useful or overkill. Very few do them well. Often not necessary.

    • Content. There is no one-size-fits-all rule here, since every resume has a different audience, but to the extent possible, a resume should have just enough content to be readable in 30-45 seconds, and nothing extraneous.

    A good example of a resume I recently came across:

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  • Posted to Site Design: WIRED, Mar 02, 2015

    I think this still holds true.

    List Beats Grid: Linear Feeds Perform Two to Three Times Better Than Grids

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