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  • Posted to Standard Resume 2.0 - Effortlessly make a modern resume, in reply to Sinan M , Jul 17, 2020

    How well do these work with the resume bots?

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  • Posted to Finally! Somebody noticed that Bootstrap 5 is out, Jul 13, 2020

    This isi an aside, not related to Botstrap, I just happened to notice it here, but Google forcing users to the youtube pagfe to view videos at full screen is some next nevel of dark UI pattern bullshit. I've had warnings popup on my iPad that say this device can't view the video in full screen only to play just fine in full screen when I click the ink to view th e video on youtube or in the app. They appear to have branched out and are now blocking regular videos in the desktop version of Safari.

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  • Posted to 16 Examples of Large Typography in Web Design, Jul 13, 2020

    A handful of these sites didn't work at all in Safari. In this day and age, that is inexcusable. Developers, even solo designers working as developers, need to do better and test on ALL modern browsers, not just the ones they prefer.

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  • Posted to Social media banners, Who are responsible? Designers or marketers? , in reply to Anna Becerra , Jun 24, 2020

    It's the art directing that kills the design. I can't tell you how many times I've started a project with good intentions only to have to sacrifice good design to keep a client happy. You can only do so much. When they say to do something a certain way, regardless of how bad it might look, you have to do it that way, hence my fuck it and move on attitude.

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  • Posted to Social media banners, Who are responsible? Designers or marketers? , Jun 24, 2020

    It's ultimately the purview of the marketeer but they definitely should consider any input designer might have. Far too many marketeers want to be the designer and art direct their projects into hell. Most of the time I get to the point where I just say fuck it (to myself of course), "what do you want?", and just do that.

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  • Posted to Does a UX Designer Need to Learn Coding?, in reply to Mala Jo , Jun 01, 2020

    Your architectural analogy is wrong. It would be more accurate to say that an architect needs to also be a construction worker so they know how to build buildings. This is obviously wrong. The architect already knows a hell of a lot about how a building is constructed, enough so they can reliably draw up a set of plans that won't fall over in a stiff breeze.

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  • Posted to Lock Account After 4 Failed Tries. Good UX or Bad UX?, in reply to Chris Johnston , May 22, 2020

    I'd imagine some standard similar to the encrypted hardware chip Apple uses might be a good building block to create an SSO system not tied to any particular service. It would generate a unique hash for each person that could be tied to accounts across the internet. The data would need to be sharable across devices and sync to let sites know you signed onto their system using your phone but now want access using a tablet.

    All I know is I have 600+ accounts saved in 1Password and many share the same password because they are old and did I mention there were 600+? Since password managers don't function well enough to rely on them fully, it's a pain to have to generate unique passwords for each service and look them up when the site or app won't properly access your password manager.

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  • Posted to A first look at Unreal Engine 5, May 14, 2020

    I really wish Epic would release an updated version of Unreal using this engine. That was a classic sci-fi shooter and could be a hell of a new franchise to build upon for them.

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  • Posted to Lock Account After 4 Failed Tries. Good UX or Bad UX?, May 14, 2020

    Passwords are bad UX. We need to move beyond an internet that requires them, or at the very least an internet that requires an account for every little thing. Password managers are only a band-aid, as are single sign-in services. I refuse to let Google and Facebook manage my online presence any more than they already do. Sites need to test, test, test, and test again any sign-on/-up process against ALL browsers and their built-in password managers as well. I can't tell you how many times I've had to rely on one of my standard "memorabloe" passwords because a site couldn't be botherd to ensure the password is saved in my password manager since Safari doesn't share the strong password option so I can't copy/paste it later. Mobile apps are equally as spotty, even more so when you rely on a third-party password manager as I used to with 1Password.

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  • Posted to Which tool(s) are you using for designing UI animations?, Apr 29, 2020

    Adobe XD has come a long way since its initial release. AutoAnimate and Components work fairly well for most UI needs. I'm sure you could find some edge cases but I think that's going to always be the issue with any tool. I d recommend looking into Let's XD to see what you can do with these tools.

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