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  • Posted to Swift Playgrounds: Should we teach coding, or creativity?, in reply to Taylan Pince , Jun 16, 2016

    100% agree, but you can't be inspired by a book until you can read.

    There's a long way to go with this product, certainly. I would love to see some Brett Victor inspired inspection and direct manipulation (similar, if not greatly, improved over the existing xCode playgrounds)

    I totally see your point; the education here is assuming that rote learning leads to inspiration, and like you, I also believe that inspiration is what leads to learning.

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  • Posted to Swift Playgrounds: Should we teach coding, or creativity?, Jun 16, 2016

    The article isn't correct, there is a blank canvas mode, and some nice templates that you can use.

    He unfortunately hasn't used playgrounds, you can try it out with the iOS 10 beta already.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Make Us Proud re-design, in reply to Jeff Hilnbrand , Oct 05, 2015

    Well observed, shouldn't be here! Thx :)

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  • Posted to Show DN: Make Us Proud re-design, in reply to Jorge Martins , Oct 05, 2015

    Thanks! we went through quite a few nav styles till we settled here

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  • Posted to Show DN: Make Us Proud re-design, Oct 05, 2015

    We launched our old-site with great feedback from you guys here at DN, lots of constructive comments and opinions, a year and a half later and we've now launched our new site!

    Would love to hear the communities input on our next attempt, what can we improve?


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  • Posted to Twitter Mac App updated, Oct 02, 2014


    No more looping references.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Metalab (Redesign), Oct 02, 2014

    Is this actually a re-design? The Site's been like this for quite a while.

    Still great.

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  • Posted to Ready-to-use SVG icons for the web, in reply to b. briel , Sep 25, 2014

    These are lovely. Thank you!

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  • Posted to Ideal Image Slider—Quite simply the ideal Image Slider in vanilla JS, Sep 04, 2014

    Kudos to the dev for attempting to implement the ARIA spec, but there are quite a few issues here which make it completely unusable from an A11y standpoint:

    1. Adds the listbox role (i'd argue this should be a tabpanel) role but doesn't manage focus
    2. Nothing conveys state
    3. None of the interactive elements are focusable (so buttons can't be used)
    4. Images don't have an Alt text (so there's nothing to read even if one could navigate around it - also bad for SEO)

    Please read up on the spec and see examples of the tabpanel role at:

    Nice work on the responsive and touch interaction bits though (would be cool to add real-time touch interaction rather than the navigation on swipe gesture interaction)

    worth noting that as it's using the ClassList API so will work on IE10+

    edit: sorry this came across as very negative. I was excited that you made a big deal out of adding ARIA support, and ultimately disappointed that it was a terrible A11y experience, although no worse than 99.9% of the carousels out there :)

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  • Posted to Ex-Disney Animator's Latest Project—Great example of animation principles., Jul 20, 2014

    Oh wow, this was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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