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  • Posted to Adobe, you’re losing ground, in reply to John P , Oct 17, 2016

    Completely agree and that is my problem with almost every new UI/UX/Prototyping app that comes out. Almost no windows support (I know shocking that design can be done in another OS) and they are all focused on mobile lifestyle app development.

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  • Posted to Adobe Design Rebrand, in reply to Matthew R. Miller , Aug 09, 2016

    I am just fine with Photoshop / Illustrator. I just wish Adobe XD or Adobe Design or whatever the decide to call it at launch was better than it is. I was very excited to see an app that might bring a lot of the things Sketch is great at to Windows and Mac. Thanks for the list, I have looked at / used all of those except for Canva. For my work I unfortunately have to stay in Windows. I suspect if I was making a new lifestyle app for iOS most of these apps would be amazing! Sorry if I upset you with my honest opinion about their identity redesign.

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  • Posted to Adobe Design Rebrand, Aug 09, 2016

    For sure spend more time on the actual app and not this crap. I do not give a shit about your water bottle, pencil, laptop sticker or other schwag. Make a good app first then I might be excited about wearing something that represents it. FFS.

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