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Cesar Torres

Design Director, Sidecar Joined almost 11 years ago via an invitation from Paul @.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you review design implementations with developers?, in reply to Sean Lester , Oct 12, 2014

    This elusive "talking" concept everyone is describing here should be happening all the time, not just in the implementation phase.

    There's a few steps you always go through in your design process; keep stakeholders in the loop during these. Not for "feedback" ("did you try putting this here?" — that's a whole different conversation, ha), but for buy-in — be that business-wise or tech-wise.

    We always build-in time for roadshowing a design recommendation, end to end, whether it's for the other designers on the team, the operations, marketing or exec teams — and definitely the oft-overlooked community and support teams.

    A product studio should be super collaborative, especially as a handoff and shipping stages near. You're creating design systems not just for the hell of it or because it's trendy — you're doing it because it's the helpful analytical part of designing print, web or mobile. Let the engineering team in on that. The team's workflow will be the better for it.

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  • Posted to Sidecar 3.0, Jan 23, 2014

    Just launched our biggest redesign of the Sidecar app, from the interaction design to visual design (completely overhauled our visual design system), to the engineering and platform.

    Very excited about this — check it out and let us know what you think.

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