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  • Posted to How do you organize your Figma files?, Mar 02, 2020

    We have almost the same process but with some differences: In our case, we design for both Web and Mobile platforms, we have only 3 main projects for this.

    1. Web
    2. Mobile
    3. Internal

    Internal is where all the libraries we use to design are, that is, our Design System, Flows, personas, etc. The other 2 explain themselves

    Then each project is separated into "Features". for example, we have a Figma file called "Profile" inside this file, we put everything that has to do with the user's profile, the same for mobile.

    Each file is organized according to our process on different pages:

    1. Cover
    2. Project Requirements (mostly it's a copy/paste from Confluence).
    3. Research / Results
    4. Moodboard / Wireframes
    5. Flows / UI Screens
    6. Prototype

    We do not have a master file because we try to ensure that our developers are also in the process of designing/solving the problem. It could be said that the master page is Prototype because it is what we present once we reach the solution but our development team takes more as a reference the Flows / UI Screens page.

    This is what has worked for us so far, btw we are a small team so maybe it can't work for teams of +20 people. It's all about communication and collaboration. Hope it helps.

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  • Posted to Redesigning Github repository page, Mar 06, 2019

    I'd love to know what Joel Califa thinks about this redesign.

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  • Posted to Syncing color palettes between Sketch and SASS/LESS, in reply to Xavier Bertels , Mar 28, 2018

    I'll try this method today and let you know what is the result, thanks for your help Xavier :)

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  • Posted to Syncing color palettes between Sketch and SASS/LESS, in reply to Josh Sanders , Mar 28, 2018

    I'll try this in the weekend, seem's this is the proper way to do this. Thanks for your help Josh.

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  • Posted to What does your design portfolio look like?, in reply to Mickael Marquez , Nov 16, 2016

    Woah, really impressive. Congrats!

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