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  • Posted to Is the new look of Reddit getting more like Twitter now?, May 11, 2018

    Thankfully, at least for me and a non-trivial number of other developers, the new interface is not compulsory.

    It is far less bearable on mobile, but fortunately it can be circumvented on mobile entirely by visiting Reddit via the "i" subdomain, like so: https://i.reddit.com

    e.g. https://i.reddit.com/r/javascript

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  • Posted to Site Design: Stripe Connect, in reply to Bruno Abatti , May 29, 2017

    Buzz off, whelp.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Stripe Connect, May 25, 2017

    Coming soon to a random trendwhore rip-off merchant near you!

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  • Posted to How Dating Apps Work, in reply to Nick Noble , May 23, 2017

    or he's specifically talking about the relatively recent Tindery end of the spectrum

    I would presume this is the case, since he refers to dating apps as opposed to dating sites or services.

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  • Posted to Tilt Hover Effects, in reply to Dirk HCM van Boxtel , Dec 03, 2016

    So you want transition-delay:

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  • Posted to Tilt Hover Effects, in reply to Dirk HCM van Boxtel , Nov 24, 2016

    In response to your edit, are you not looking to use a cubic-bezier function? This is trivial, just use a transition-timing-function or specify the cubic-bezier in the shorthand you composed.

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  • Posted to Top 50 Fonts of 2016, Nov 08, 2016

    No Gotham? Do me a favour.

    Can't help but feel that Neuzeit, Circular, GT Walsheim, Sharp Sans, Maison Neue and Graphik should have made this list.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: what is your blog set up with?, Nov 08, 2016

    I wrote some HTML. I wrote some CSS. I wrote some JavaScript.

    Then when it came to the blog articles, where the pages would look the same, I wrote some more HTML/CSS/JS, followed by a Perl script to replicate the article pages and generate RSS/JSON feeds. Before I finished the Perl script, I wrote the RSS and JSON by hand as well. It was a quiet weekend so I had time to kill.

    I then used nginx to serve it — at least, until recently, when I switched to Caddy. I'd been meaning to get Let'sEncrypt set up for ages because I didn't want to renew my TLS certs.

    Then I saw [Caddy](caddyserver.com), and thought that it would be a bit of a time-saver. I was not disappointed. It's not like nginx takes that long to setup for HTTP/2 and Let'sEncrypt, but Caddy gets that time down to about 30-60 seconds including curl/download time.

    I could have used a static site generator but I like Perl and I seldom get a chance to work with Perl these days.

    I used to use my fork of the Ghost CMS, but I decided to go static because I wanted to consolidate a number of DigitalOcean droplets into one.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Boldium - a design agency, in reply to Ray Sensebach , Oct 27, 2016

    ITT: Friends of Boldium upvote their cliché and slow WordPress website.

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