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  • Posted to Ergonomic keyboards, in reply to 12s 12m , Jul 30, 2017

    I too run the Razer BlackWidow, the Chroma V2 specifically. Before this I had also used the CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro L for a week or two and another generic brand mech keyboard, but the Razer actually felt much better only after a couple of hours typing. I really recommend it. Also, I'm not a gamer, I'm a designer + front-end developer.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is your morning routine?, May 01, 2017

    Wake up when the Sun wakes up. Stretch and bike for half an hour. Get fresh. Eat healthy breakfast. Go through to-do list, then e-mails + newsletters. Read out loud the daily book summary on Blinkist.

    Get to work.

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  • Posted to What Monitor do You Use ?, May 01, 2017

    EIZO ColorEdge CS230. Entry-level, color-accurate sRGB Monitor that’ll seriously make you feel like a pro.

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