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Rob Cornish

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  • Posted to What book are you reading now?, in reply to Johnnie Gomez Alzaga , Jan 29, 2019

    Great read, Blair Enns next one Pricing Creativity is also incredibly good.

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  • Posted to First Rule of Stealing Websites., Jan 08, 2019

    They say stealing is a form of flattery. Nice site and body of work btw.

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  • Posted to What is your favorite prototyping tool?, in reply to Chris Johnston , Nov 01, 2018

    Same here, XD is killing it.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD's New Advanced Prototyping Features - Voice Prototyping & Auto-Animate , Oct 23, 2018

    Enjoying the new features for XD, played about with the auto-animate stuff shame we can't send the preview link so clients can interact with the drag interactions.

    I've been using XD for pretty much every bit of web design and wireframe work for the past few months, I should write down the things I come across, normally dump these frustrations on Twitter.

    I'd love to see better integration with Photoshop so we can craft image areas, a place/import feature where its an externally linked item. Or the ability to use the CSS blend modes to achieve some of this within XD.

    When can we see some tweaks to the text options? For example, shift+enter takes on the after para size instead of line break?

    Excited to see whats released next month, keep up the good work team!

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  • Posted to Must Watch Online Design Videos, Jul 18, 2018

    Anything by Chris Do and his team over at The Futur. What you'll learn here is truly valuable in all aspects of the design business.

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  • Posted to What "freelance skills" do you wish you knew when first starting out?, Mar 23, 2017

    Definitely business skills, how to negotiate, cash flow forecasting, how to cost things properly. I'm still learning today, its mainly growing and being confident in your ability.

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  • Posted to Balenciaga Design, Mar 01, 2017

    It's great for mobile :D

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  • Posted to Recommendation for keyboard and mouse, Jan 03, 2017

    I currently use my Macbook Pro laptop as the keyboard and a gaming mouse. I grabbed the Steelseries Kana V2 a couple of years ago and its still going strong, easily customisable and incredible precision. I'd happily recommend any gaming mouse as they're built for precision, speed and to last.

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  • Posted to Quit job and start freelancing ?, in reply to Andrea Negu , Dec 08, 2016

    No worries, I'm sure you'll nail it whichever way you go :D

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  • Posted to Quit job and start freelancing ?, in reply to Kenneth Jensen , Dec 08, 2016

    This is exactly what worked for me, two of us able to help pull in the work and contribute to that monthly income with complimenting each others skills. Daaaamn its still tough tho!

    I'd recommend starting to freelance on the side while retaining current job or with a new job. Working at different companies helps you build your own network of people you can use for future work, coders, designers, pm's etc.

    Working while freelancing on the side gives you stability, depending on what your current situation is, if you have a lot of outgoings, i.e. house, car etc then you'll need some stability.

    These two books are pretty amazing and have helped me out so far: • Creative Truth: Start & Build a Profitable Design Business • Work for Money, Design for Love: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Starting and Running a Successful Design Business

    Focus on what makes you unique as its a pretty competitive market, get your own site up and just see what you can win. There are plenty of jobs boards requiring freelancers but its a tough gig and often hear 0 back.

    All the best hombre!

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