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  • Posted to Streamable - Simple video sharing, Apr 07, 2015

    My goodness this is awesome. So simple and straightforward. I love it!

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer v1.2 Released, in reply to Sam McQueen , Apr 02, 2015

    So aside from the one project, you use Sketch for your vector work in lieu of Illustrator? I've struggled with their bezier approach but I salute your move away from the Empire =o)

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer v1.2 Released, Apr 02, 2015

    I so want this to be successful. The agency I work at recently moved over to Sketch and it has been such an awesome experience. I still work exclusively in Illustrator for vector but I'm I'm really hopeful for new, quality design applications that don't have the burden of bloat from legacy features.

    Has anyone used Affinity for project work yet? I'd love to hear about your experiences with it.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Origami or Pixate Studio?, Mar 27, 2015

    I've used Pixate a few times to great results. I can say the learning curve was pretty drawn out, but once I got it, it was totally worth it. It helped me communicate some very specific interactions to the Front-End Devs on my team and looked very slick when I presented it to our client. Thumbs up for Pixate from me!

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  • Posted to What are the best User Interface elements (controls, patterns, etc.) that have cropped up in modern web sites and web apps recently?, in reply to Will Baker , Feb 06, 2015

    I couldn't agree more. I Google Plus was the first site that turned me onto carding and I've been using it when appropriate ever since.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Link to your Dribbble profile?, Jan 23, 2015

    I have a couple of invites also. I'd love to give them to someone that's going to put them to use =o)

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  • Posted to Show DN: Drubbbler Attachment, Jan 13, 2015

    I've been using this for a little while now and I love it! I just used it last night and worked with the new attachment feature. Worked like a charm =o) Thanks Luc!

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  • Posted to How do you handle talking about past projects under NDA during an interview?, Dec 01, 2014

    Oh and here's a link to that article in case you're interested

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Who's going to Brooklyn Beta?, Oct 06, 2014

    I'll be there with a couple of the folks from the agency I work at. We're traveling up from Atlanta on Wednesday. I'd love to meet some fellow DN people while we're there. Anyone doing anything Thursday night after the 99% talk? Maybe we can take over a bar around there somewhere =o)

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  • Posted to What is your favorite font for displaying numbers? , Jul 26, 2014

    I recently started working on an internal product that will display data visualization across a large screen display, desktop and mobile, and I went with Roboto. It's the first time I've used it so I can't say definitively that it's excellent, but so far I'm very happy with how it has looked in the initial designs. I'll keep you guys posted and drop a link when we roll out the product. It's going to be an agile dashboard that pulls from your Jira project.


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