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  • Posted to Ask DN: What mouse do you use?, May 05, 2016

    You should call Logitech. Those things have a three year warranty. That's not supposed to happen and they'll fix it for you. Actually, they'll probably just send you a replacement.

    We had five MX Anywhere between us. One had this issue and Logitech replaced it. These have been around since 2010 and that's the only problem. A couple wore out.

    The MX Performance had an issue where the middle click didn't work. Happened with a bunch of them. I opened it up and put a tiny bead of hot glue which solved that issue. If anything, you might be able to fix yours. It might just need tightened.

    Sadly, there's really no better option then these mice. Now that everyone is making tiny hand hurting mice.

    I'm going from the MX Performance to the MX Master. The MX Performance honestly has some flaws that I hope the Master corrects. To be honest, I use a Microsoft Mouse 5000 most of the time. It's $30, perfect size and tracks perfectly. They discontinued it and I bought 5 and put them in the drawer because they don't last but a year before the rubber on the wheel gives out.

    I don't know why everyone sucks at making mice but Logitech is the best among them.

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