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  • Posted to Superhuman Website Review: How not to design a website, in reply to Sebastian Masad , Sep 22, 2020

    2.) Funding money =/= customers.

    4.) Don't think the website alone actually achieved their objective, it was merely a shell.

    Anyways, the review has valid points. Nothing about what was said is original and can't be done with gmail. Fast email system =/= closing deals faster. But that's just my 2c.

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  • Posted to This is one of the best posters designs I have seen this year, Oct 01, 2019

    I would like to know what I'm not seeing here

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  • Posted to Sole designer Advice & Feedback on dribbble posts, in reply to Eve Weinberg , Jul 15, 2019

    I tried to sign up but it was redirecting me to email

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  • Posted to Laws of UX, Jan 16, 2018

    A simple aesthetic holding such a powerful content. Love it and looking forward to more laws!

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  • Posted to Visual Sitemaps — Generate Beautiful Screenshot-Based Sitemaps, Dec 12, 2017

    I'd really love to test this.

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  • Posted to Pantone Color of the Year - Ultra Violet, in reply to jules cheung , Dec 11, 2017

    I honestly want to know too. Whether there was scientific facts or everything's just a guestimate.

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  • Posted to If you could learn a new design tool/skill today, what would it be?, in reply to Katie Macoy , Dec 07, 2017

    Gotta say I'm also here to post the same word. UI animations are something I want to develop further but I've only been doing few basics here and there.

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  • Posted to I Love Your Comment, in reply to Michael Rurka , Dec 04, 2017

    If this was supposed to be an art, then okay. Though I agree with Charlie Pratt, can't seem to see what the message like this is accomplishing. If anything, there could be more substance to using comments that have the wrong intent rather than appreciating the work / leaving constructive criticism. But instead, it's like spreading the wrong message that simple compliments to your work is a waste of time.

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  • Posted to Dusko Launches - Accessories and Apparel for that Designer Lifestyle :D , Nov 29, 2017

    I find this lifestyle...underwhelming right now. Maybe I'll wait for more product releases.

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  • Posted to Redesign, Nov 29, 2017

    Well, the least I can say is that making the redesign is a step towards... change. The design is indeed clean, but I wouldn't say it's fresh, it's just new because it's different.

    There's definitely going to be a disruption to the user's normal navigation process but I do question the placement of some components of the site. I don't really know who meetup is targeting since:

    1. The Sign-up button on the homepage indicates that there are more new users coming to the website than old so their priority is activating those new users
    2. But then, I go inside one of the meetups and information about the meetup is located further below the next event. Wouldn't it make sense to have it towards up? But that's just my rationale seeing the sign-up button.

    Sad to hear that Meetup doesn't listen to feedback.

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