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  • Posted to Khroma - The AI Color Tool for Designers, in reply to George Hastings , Oct 02, 2017

    I gave up at 0 after seeing this huge list of colors. I could choose one from a pair easily, but choosing a favourite color from a list containing similar shades? Nope.

    1. Maybe think about doing a multi-step "game", where user chooses a color out of two random ones?
    2. Don't order colors randomly on such list, as it is harder to go through it and it made you overlook duplicates (I see "muted midtone red" twice on that list)
    3. The names are bad - a green color is labelled as "rich dark yellow". I see you some idea to name colors by three categories (saturation, lightness and hue, so basically HSL), but I think it doesn't work. Have you thought about using some existing color names, like http://chir.ag/projects/name-that-color does?
    4. I would add some note that after choosing colors it will take few minutes to train/generate stuff, as it requires patience to wait through it ;-)
    5. Swap colors on image doesn't do anything 6.It would be nice to have option to type number in bias
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  • Posted to Where did you find your desktop wallpaper?, Sep 05, 2017

    https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en and stuff I like at google images "Larger than 6 MP"

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  • Posted to We Own You, Jan 19, 2016

    This is indeed true. The biggest problem is that people just don't realise that. I'm working in a company where at least half of the stuff tends to work late. Most of the time it's just because the work was planned badly or they got too much responsibilities to be manageable in standard 8h - but instead of just admitting to having not enough time, they stay late at work .So sometimes people work 5-10h a week just for free, just so The Project is done on time. But they don't understand that the thing they are working on is not theirs, and nobody will recognise that additional effort.

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  • Posted to Apple: Start Something New, in reply to Ard Blok , Jan 04, 2016

    Couldn't agree more. Apple is surprisingly bad at designing websites.

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  • Posted to Saying goodbye to Carousel and Mailbox, Dec 13, 2015

    Initially I panicked as fuck. I counted to 10, then read about some alternatives and started using Spark. Issue resolved.

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  • Posted to Site Design: This Also, Nov 25, 2015

    Nice loading animation in menu-square.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Epicurrence 2016, in reply to Philip Lester , Nov 16, 2015

    I think your comment is spot on, even without the apologising edit. We as a design community are far too easily satisfied with a thing looking nice these days. Too often I see us just patting our backs, after looking on projects through design-tinted glasses. The design should be transparent and serve the content, not come before it and steal the thunder.

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  • Posted to Twitter Changes Favourites to Hearts, Nov 09, 2015

    Why do you need to bookmark a 140-characters text? If there's a link leading somewhere, bookmark this link in some "bookmarking app" like Instapaper = problem solved.

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  • Posted to Show your portfolio, Jun 02, 2014

    Mine: http://leszekpietrzak.com

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  • Posted to Macaw hits 1.0, now available, Apr 08, 2014

    Macaw 1.0 should be Macaw 0.5 at most -- it's very underdeveloped and buggy. There is some nice breakpointing and everything looks pretty smart, but there is a lot of work to do functionality-wise before this would be usable for at least making wireframes.

    Keep up the good work and maybe someday there would be some alternative for Illustrator/Photoshop.

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