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  • Posted to Emmanuel Herrero, Oct 28, 2019

    It's using Next.js to build a static page, Anime.js for the animations, Firebase for the lead capture, and prefers-color-scheme to handle system-based dark mode.

    You can also check out the code for the website at Github

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  • Posted to DesignerNews is almost dead, in reply to Michael Rurka , Oct 07, 2019

    Depends. As little as $0, but possibly up to a couple of hundred dollars. Depending on the traffic and ad partnerships, it could pay for itself.

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  • Posted to How do you make visual QA of your designs?, Jan 05, 2017

    If you're developing for iOS, you could use Testflight to review builds and iterate quickly (1-2 days instead of 1-2 weeks it could take to fix things in production) following your current process. If you're developing for Android, that process should be much easier and your developer should be able to give you an APK that you can run on your device/machine to test.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Should I learn to code?, Jun 25, 2016

    I love design, coding, and learning new things so it was obvious to me that I needed to write better code. I don't think that's the case for everyone.

    Are you working with a large team? Are you working alongside a front-end developer? Are you a one-man shop?

    You might not need to learn code if you're not the developer., but there is incredible value in knowing how your designs can and will be implemented, or how your design might affect performance, productivity and budget.

    You can get away with not knowing how to code and I'm excited to see tools that improve the workflow of visual designers. It's also a matter of stretching yourself too thin: Do you want to be a great developer or a great designer? I don't think the two are exclusive, but that's what I ask myself way too often...

    If you're trying to be a one man shop, then I would agree with the resounding yes on this thread. There's something amazing about taking an idea from sketches to a production build.

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  • Posted to Voxel.css , Jan 27, 2016

    Love it.

    Also, CSS project, but nothing but js on the page. Good times.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Backpacks, Jan 08, 2016

    Someone already mentioned the Little America Herschel bag, but...

    I bought the Black Nylon variation (which is a little pricier at $170 instead of $90) and I couldn't be happier with it. It might definitely be a placebo effect, but I feel better about carrying my laptop around when it's raining or if I'm riding a bike. (I commute via bus and the weather is temperamental where I live)

    I traveled with it over the holidays and it came through for me splendidly when my checked bag was over 50lbs...

    I goes above and beyond for every day items, but it does lack compartments if that's something you're looking for. Instead, it's a small pocket in the front, a large bag and then a really nice feeling laptop sleeve.

    The leather straps grew on me once I loosened the main ones to keep my jacket through the loops.

    Here's what it looks like Little America Black Nylon

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  • Posted to How to make a carousel using HTML and CSS only (no JS), May 19, 2015

    I made it into an automatic slideshow with a "Play" button.


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  • Posted to Apple has a software problem, in reply to Giulio Michelon , Mar 10, 2015

    I like that DN doesn't allow users to downvote content.

    That said, I'm going to upvote your comment in lieu of downvoting his.

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  • Posted to Transit App , Oct 16, 2014

    I was doing research because I wanted to make a new TheBus app for the Hawaii Bus system.

    I found this and I'm using this instead.

    It also has a notification center widget on iOS 8 (and I'm guessing it would also have one on Android)

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