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  • Posted to This latest update makes using Framer X a whole lot better, in reply to Clarissa H. , Jan 29, 2019

    in a way, the notion of looking at Framer and asking where the developer handoff features are is a competing notion to the spirit of the tool (in my interpretation). i see framer as a big step right now to a world where "developer handoff" isn't a thing anymore.

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  • Posted to Launch Day for, Sep 25, 2018

    Cool product. I find the zoom reset when dragging cards really jarring almost to the point of prohibitive to task completion. I assume there is a technical limitation that has bore this out but I would see if you can revisit it.

    It's a little expensive, too. Could be worth it. I'll give the one free project a go with our team and see how it goes. Overall, I think it's a great effort to capture a long lifecycle of collaborative design process. I am looking forward to using it.

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  • Posted to How to Create a High-Fidelity Prototype with Sketch [+ link to prototype], Aug 15, 2018

    This is super impressive. I didn't even realize Anima could do any of this at all. We do a ton of observation lab-based research with users at our shop and we do struggle sometimes with functionalities like hover and search inputs. I'm going to try and use Anima for a validation run whenever I get a shot.

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  • Posted to Has anyone taken the Design + Code React course?, Aug 08, 2018

    I recommend learning vanilla JavaScript and programming fundamentals before you jump into React. I'm seeing a ton of designers jump into React right now and you are better served learning the basics first. You can do this free on CodeAcademy or FreeCodeCamp.

    Then buy Design+Code because it's phenomenal.

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  • Posted to Guppy, a GUI desktop app that replaces the terminal for React dev!, Jul 14, 2018

    Very exciting. Love to see this kind of leaning in to designers to make development more friendly toward them. I would bet that it is MUCH more approachable for a designer to understand something like managing dependencies in a list view (especially one with some metadata on what those dependencies do) for something like React that has a many of them.

    Can't wait to take this for a spin!

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  • Posted to Algolia Redesigned, May 30, 2018

    Buttons reminded me of the ones on Eli Schiff's blog.

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  • Posted to Marvel Platform API, in reply to Yasen Dimov , May 23, 2018

    There is.

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  • Posted to Walmart new homepage design – Is it better?, in reply to Frederick Andersen , May 12, 2018

    I see it in the opposite light. Walmart have discovered through research or are, at minimum, hypothesizing that the majority of their users are search-focused when shopping online. You log on to the site, you type in "TV", and they display a really robust filtering layout of all the TVs they have to offer.

    They are betting on the ability of modern web search tech to accurately parse user input in almost 100% of cases (because it is). You can search the entire internet with one input on Google then filter from there - why not treat Wal-Mart the same way?

    Measuring most requested departments across the boards for all customers of Wal Mart at their scale seems impossible. Let the user tell you what they want, and tailor the experience from there.

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  • Posted to Meet Phase — Digital Design Reinvented, in reply to Nick Budden , Feb 08, 2018

    Sounds a bit like how game dev works almost. Very interesting. I'm rooting for you guys!

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  • Posted to Meet Phase — Digital Design Reinvented, in reply to Nick Budden , Feb 07, 2018

    How do you plan to support technical application architecture? That is really the key. If you can't somehow generate designs into code that conform to whatever the production tech stack is, there is no way to deliver on the inherent promises of the tool.

    I'm pessimistic that any one out-of-the-box solution can be predictive and smart enough to realize that vision. Generating CSS values from a mockup is great for landing pages - what happens when you're tasked with designing new features for a legacy software system built on with bootstrap 3.x and whatever other umpteen libraries and APIs are half-baked into the UI? Does your team feel confident that Phase will be able to reconcile this?

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