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  • Posted to Why do you think this community has died?, May 23, 2019

    It's the culture. There's a lot of mean spirited comments that are praised and upvoted, as well as low value content / memes. There are thriving design communities that are private and invite only like Designers Guild where a lot of that stuff is just not tolerated. This informs the culture and sets the tone for how others feel they can interact which results in a much more supportive community.

    There are a lot of ideas here but I think it's ultimately going to take a serious community manager and effort to build a thriving community. For example, community managers behind the scenes need to ask their connections to post and discuss and comment to set the tone of what is "quality" for months. Also harder moderation would help fix the culture. For example, someone in this thread straight up called someone's work trash, how is that acceptable in any community let alone speaking to another human being in real life?

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  • Posted to Printable Design, May 20, 2019

    Looks pretty cool! I'd recommend putting the word free somewhere. Try for free as a cta could be more powerful.

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  • Posted to Introducing Framer Playground, in reply to Matt C , May 08, 2019

    Curious what you feel is terrible/boring about their marketing?

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  • Posted to What's going on with DesignerNews?, in reply to Kyle Donmoyer , May 02, 2019

    This sentiment seems the same even on design twitter, is it possible that designers are running out of interesting things to discuss around pure design related topics?

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  • Posted to What does Unsplash cost in 2019?, in reply to Luke Chesser , Apr 10, 2019

    very cool, there's definitely some products that really lend well to this native approach. Look forward to seeing further developments on this!

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  • Posted to What does Unsplash cost in 2019?, Apr 08, 2019

    Wow thanks for creating this. Are there any things you can share about how you're planning to monetize?

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  • Posted to - Image and Video sizes for Social Media., Jan 29, 2019

    Figma has some of this built in which has been amazing as well. When you create a new artboard/frame you get the option to choose social media size layouts

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  • Posted to Redesigning Real Estate: How Opendoor is designing a better way to buy and sell homes, in reply to Ryan Hicks , Oct 05, 2018

    What is your companies name? Would love to see the different approaches to this problem. I don't doubt that it will be very different. The fact that OD is willing to essentially buy the home themselves and use data science to know how much they could sell it for is huge w/ reducing seller friction.

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  • Posted to Redesigning Real Estate: How Opendoor is designing a better way to buy and sell homes, Oct 03, 2018

    It's really cool to see the big capital startup approach enabling simplified UX like this. It's insanely painful/stressful to buy and sell homes, money can play a large role in enabling a "one click" experience

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  • Posted to Do you know of any well designed CRM, Sep 23, 2018

    What are your exact needs/industry? CRM definitely does run into the issue of many co's having specific needs. Your problem could also possibly be solved with better process rather than a specific product (hard to know w/o context though).

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