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  • Posted to Site Design: Sweden and migration, in reply to Stefan Hoard , Apr 19, 2015

    Yeah plenty of work around. Scandinavia is expensive though, check out jobs in Germany, Holland or the UK too as it's a bit cheaper. I think Canadians can get the same visa as us, year long working holiday.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Sweden and migration, in reply to Luke Pasturczak , Mar 27, 2015

    Haha Australian living in Sweden, can confirm internet is crazy fast and cheap here. We're pretty behind in that regard.

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  • Posted to Never Use Black, Dec 01, 2014

    Never say never? make up your own mind where it's appropriate to use black.

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  • Posted to Which Interface looks nicer? A or B?, Nov 21, 2014

    B is nicer overall. There is some weird alignment stuff in both of these though.

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  • Posted to Designers who can't code are dinosaurs - @Allan, in reply to Tyson Kingsbury , Nov 20, 2014

    Agreed, he's making the assumption all design is related to digital. I do more development than design these days but am from a graphics background. I have worked with a lot of young and older designers who can't code but are hugely talented in other areas like branding, illustration, film, motion, strategy ect which I know nothing about. It's a big industry and there is huge variation in skill sets which is what makes it great. His second tweet gets more snarky -

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  • Posted to Photoshop for Design, in reply to Zorana Gee , Oct 09, 2014

    I think if you just remove the "letter-spacing: 0.04em;" it's much more readable.

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  • Posted to Photoshop for Design, in reply to Marc Jenkinson , Oct 09, 2014

    Haha I was gonna say that, leading is a bit overkill as well.

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  • Posted to Hosting, in reply to Faiz Mokhtar , Sep 29, 2014

    Just wanted to chime in and mention Dokku one click install for DO. It's a mini Heroku written in bash which is great for testing and staging.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is your work "assigned" by developers?, Sep 22, 2014

    Mostly no, however it does depend on the project who's end client it is. Ideally it should be a collaborative back and forth kind of workflow with a developer. Since you're a student and you mention you're earning ok coin I wouldn't stress too much about it yet. Think of it as practice and do a good job. Focus your attention on your own projects and school until you get more of your own clients.

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  • Posted to Craft banking, Sep 03, 2014

    Fix those ugly URLs...

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