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  • Posted to Designing Google Maps for Motorbikes, Jul 05, 2018

    Nice to see some true customer insight, although interesting they didn't mention the competition at all?

    Wonder if this will ever make it to the UK market?

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  • Posted to Show DN your 404, Jan 18, 2018

    Not mine, but client work from a few years ago. We had a whole series of image related puns which were supposed to load randomly... alas only one got implemented.

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  • Posted to Visual Sitemaps — Generate Beautiful Screenshot-Based Sitemaps, in reply to Artur Maklyarevsky , Dec 12, 2017

    Looks like it could be an amazing tool! Will it work with older sites? I've had a lot of experience recently mapping out structures of older sites, where the structure is unclear, the page URL is defined with a string of numbers and there is limited consistency - will this tool work in such a scenario?

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  • Posted to Multi-Swipe: New UX to act on many items (emails) really fast, in reply to Cristian Moisei , May 20, 2017

    Perhaps the same justification as that which is used for any multi-selection on messages... It's just a different interaction (potentially time saving).

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  • Posted to Ask DN : What is your definition of a 'Lead' ? , in reply to Carlos Sousa , Sep 20, 2016

    Thanks I like your definition!

    So 'Lead' isn't the title you have, more your role within the project team? Does it get confusing to have Project Lead and Group UX Lead both having the term 'lead' ? :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN : What is your definition of a 'Lead' ? , in reply to Ferdi Wieling , Sep 20, 2016

    That last point is interesting, but does that happen a lot in your experience? (A lot of Senior people debating responsibility without some guidance? )

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  • Posted to Ask DN: iOS Usability Testing Apps, Jul 11, 2016 is worth a look.

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  • Posted to How To... Snapchat, Dec 17, 2015

    I personally love the lenses feature, when I first heard of the 'secret feature' I was exciting to try it. Lack of discoverability made this feel like a special feature that you have to be 'in the know' to use. The reaction I first got when I sent a snap using a lens was great "How did you do that?!", and from that feedback the experience became more interesting. These days the changing content, with specific lack of notification keeps me coming back to find out whats new.

    Not a fan of the freemium implementation tho...

    As the feature is not required for the main purpose of the app (you can send snaps either way) I don't mind the fact it is more hidden. A big 'USE LENSES' button would actually distract from the simplicity of the app.

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  • Posted to They know there's this thing called: Designer News... right?, Sep 30, 2015

    This is some sort of joke right?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Preparation for a User Experience Design Course?, in reply to Mitchell Akomolafe , Jul 14, 2015

    Good effort doing a specific UX course, most of the people we see apply here don't have much in terms of specific UX / HCI background; more adapted on-the-job learning from other disciplines. If you can, I'd recommend getting some internships as soon as possible.

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