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  • Posted to Site Design: IDEO, in reply to Jackson Alsop , Apr 18, 2016

    Has your friend Spelt Portfolio wrong or is it meant? It's a shame because any semblance of credibility is ruined by such a simple mistake.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Why is it so hard to find a junior design job?, Mar 16, 2016

    You have your first job already... You

    Establish the Brand that is Folake Osibodu

    Market yourself like a company. Be professional Have Business Cards, mailers. Sell yourself Network like crazy. Be Everywhere. Behance, Dribbble, Linkedin, Facebook (though not on a personal level, ie. drunken Party pics) Research all the companies you want to work at within your local area. Target your favourites. Why not just walk in and ask them what they're looking for and remember to leave them with something impressive, a physical contact method like a card or postcard with links to an online presence. Most companies are willing to chat if they have time. Find out where all the creative folks hang out and go and hang and chat, research. Find out about local meet-ups in your field. Build up a portfolio with redesigns of your choosing. This will show how you tackle real-world instances, showing Before and After and how you improved what you did and how long it took. Be professional, Spellcheck and grammar check everything (with your eyes, not software). Sell yourself give them a reason to hire you or, at least, keep you in mind.So in a nutshell - Research, Market, Brand, Network, Sell.

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