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Adrian Furtuna

Bucharest Sr. Experience Designer (UX) at IBM Joined almost 8 years ago

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  • Posted to Using Fiverr to experiment with podcast illustration concepts , Oct 22, 2020

    Great use of fiverr. In terms of standing out I think it makes it look professional and at the same time looking like a spotify playlist design. So if nothing you created a recognizable square in the sea.

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  • Posted to What certifications should a Designer get?, Apr 30, 2020

    In terms of UX: A license to practice design.

    Having a certification from NNg just because you had a two weeks workshop means jack shit. As long as what you design affects the life of real people design should be licensed just like medicine.

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  • Posted to Play: The new tool for creating better mobile apps, Feb 05, 2020

    While this looks really nice, it find it hard to design something on a 6" screen. More than this, based on the amount of hours I spend on a design, my neck will kill me looking down at this tiny screen. Not to talk about the strain on the ocular muscle.

    I think this would be better suited for an iPad pro.

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  • Posted to Best interviewing experience?, Feb 05, 2020

    Here's my best interview ever and something I borrowed for whenever I have to interview someone.

    I was a approached by a design manager for a bank. They wanted to build a whole new design studio, with designops and everything and they were looking for a UX lead. Rethink all of their interaction online and off. Sounded interesting so I said yes.

    We met for coffee. Which I found nice, rather than sitting in a conference room. And we simply talked. He very carefully guided the discussion around the design sphere locally and internationally, asking for my opinion on various subjects, podcasts, instagram design influencers, politics, previous workplaces, ways of working etc. Everything that he needed to know was taken out of the conversation and my tonality and passion for some of the subjects.

    For some of the subjects I even got my laptop out of the bag and showed how I approached things for some of the issues we were talking about and he showed me some of his.

    More than this I really appreciated the transparency. I was told the budget range from the very start, how their organization was set right now and that it was a start of the road kind of engagement.

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  • Posted to How much RAM do we need for design?, Nov 19, 2019

    All of it.

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  • Posted to TEDx Talk: Humans, not Users. Why UX is a Problem., in reply to Sacha Greif , Oct 29, 2019

    For a second there I thought you were being serious.

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  • Posted to AirPods Pro, Oct 29, 2019

    You know, what I love about apple products is how they continuously iterate every year based on user feedback. Kind of like we do digital product design. The only difference is you have to pay for every change.

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  • Posted to It’s time we stop unsolicitedly redesigning Spotify - A list of non-profit organizations that could use your design chops instead., Oct 14, 2019

    Without properly knowing the business goal, redesigning the UI won't do much but show that you know how to do UI.

    There's an episode on Netflix's Abstract: The art of design, on redesigning Instagram. That's the best example of redesigning a product, while taking into account both the business goals and your users. Doing 300 iterations of the logo to show how you got to your solution.

    In the absence of a real portfolio, yes, these make sense. But they make sense if you document them properly.

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  • Posted to New CSS Property to create that blurry navbar we all love (Safari Only), Mar 09, 2016

    Well, until this is implemented properly, I use the opacity property. Used it to blur the header on my website. (

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