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  • Posted to Ask DN: Wordpress vs. Craft CMS, Mar 09, 2016

    I've been with craft since its onset and even suggested that craft include the Site Homepage link in the header - which was a feature of Expression Engine.

    Firstly I would like to talk about the cost of this cms. $299 is a little steep considering the market these days and the abundance of free website building AND hosting tools. Pixel & Tonic, in my opinion, feel the price is justified but I suspect that a lot of people like me who followed them from EE matches the cost of $299 although you would need to pay extra for add-ons for EE such as Wygwam and Matrix which is not true of Craft. To keep cost down I opt for the $199 USD version which suits most of my clients needs. Any website job below $1500 is not feasible with Craft unless you can turn over a website or more per week, but then a free cms like Wordpress becomes a viable option - template websites yuck!

    The Pro's - its fantastic! It's probably one of the easiest templating language to use. The power of Wordpress is in the templates but if you want custom then Craft is what you want. Twig has probably the best documented programming language found on Sensio Labs website - best in it's legibility, simplicity, informative and beautiful design.

    The Con's - Craft's documentation has always been a little restrictive. It's fault really lies in the name "Craft" which is not a unique search term on Google so almost everything has to be searched for using their docs or one of the support forums. There are some gems of code snippets out there but finding them can be difficult. The navigation needs some work and is missing the basics such as "selected" states and "has-children" classes which was included in EE's add-on Structure. Try finding ".hasDescendants()" in the docs and you won't get the method result.

    FYI- all of the EE add-ons I have mentioned are built by Pixel & Tonic the makers of Craft.

    The latest website I have built using Craft http://earthscool.com.au

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