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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you organize your web projects?, Jan 06, 2017

    I, again, don't understand this approach to product websites, where we're blindly asked to enrol/try, Y U no show us a screenshot?

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  • Posted to Bootstrap Studio 2.0, Feb 01, 2016

    I've seen it today. I, like many others use a text editor for HTML coding. Every now and then I keep wondering if a WYSIWYG tool wouldn't speed up my workflow though. At least for quick layouts / basic structure, an app like this, somehow minimalist, could be just the right tool. I bought it, on impulse.

    I like it has an user created objects/snippet templates library – which can prove highly useful (I guess there are other tools who have this, I'm seeing this for this time, though :) It also has a quick mobile devices preview. Also, a source code panel, but view only mode :/ – hope it's included in the product roadmap.

    While reading the HN article I also stumbled over Pingendo (free, online demo here) – it has a similar feature set as Bootstrap Studio, including Bootstrap classes. This one has html and css/less code editor.

    Then I found Pinegrow which supports Foundation and! WordPress - but it's a tad more expensive.

    Choices, choices :/

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  • Posted to Show DN: Bookmarklet that adds hue-rotate filter to all images on screen, in reply to Dan Cortes , Jun 21, 2015

    doesn't do anything for me on 43.0.2357.124 on OS X

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you track your time?, Nov 03, 2014

    As I was saying here I've been using Paymo for quite a while. I've first been attracted by simplicity – it got more features ever since but the time tracker remained pretty basic/uncluttered – and I love the reporting feature.

    I've also tried Rescue Time but it takes some setting up, and sometimes I'm on the same website but for different reasons (work or entertainment).

    Slightly off-topic, I found out using a time-tracker also helps a bit with fighting procrastination – whenever the time ticks I am a bit less prone of indulging in non-related activities.

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  • Posted to Free OSX Time Tracker app, Nov 01, 2014

    I have been happily using Paymo for a couple of years or so. It has both OS X and Win native clients – data is stored online but you can use the time-tracker offline and sync it later.

    Besides the time-tracker you can generate reports per task/project/client if needed prior to invoicing.

    There's a free 'freelancer' account limited to 3 projects.

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  • Posted to Things Mac users miss about Windows and vice versa?, Mar 25, 2014

    When using a Mac:

    • Alt+Letter keyboard shortcuts for menu bar - I know, you can define your own shortcuts in OS X, but with Alt+Letter you don't need to remember them all
    • related to that: modal windows that can be dealt with without leaving the keyboard (on OS X some work, some don't)
    • context menu shortcut from keyboard - there's no way to right click without using the keyboard on the mac
    • cutting a file (for pasting/moving) - I don't understand how this could be missing
    • enter renames files - instead of opening. Why?
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  • Posted to Facebook Look Back , Feb 04, 2014

    oh thank you, facebook :)

    interestingly you can't share your 'look back video' so it's for your own consumption. which feels considerate :)

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  • Posted to CSS User Agent Selectors, Jan 08, 2014

    is there a comprehensive / up to date user agent list to be found anywhere?

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  • Posted to CSS User Agent Selectors, Jan 08, 2014

    brilliant! are there any potential downsides to this technique though? is data-useragent* behaviour slower to compute for the browser or plainly negligible?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How many of you are "Digital Nomads"?, Dec 25, 2013

    I'm working remotely on the road for (3-6) each year, I'm from Romania and I usually spend the winter and spring in Asia - have been doing this for the last few years.

    At the beginning (2007) internet was sometimes harder to come by but now everywhere I went (less Myanmar and possibly Laos) there are mobile internet prepaid cards. Not fast, not amazingly cheap but even better for curing procrastination :)

    Once in Sulawesi - where I went without my laptop - I rented an internet cafe for the night :)

    Things are getting relatively more expensive lately, but I had months where I went by with ~$200/month, accommodation (local standards) & beer included :)

    One of the many upsides is, as I try to mix traveling with working my procrastination time is limited - so I get to be more on the point :)

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