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  • Posted to How do you clock in your freelance hours?, Jan 19, 2021

    I've been happily using Toggl for about 10 years to track my time, for both freelance clients as well as startups I work from. Every year I create an overview of how I spent my time, per client per month. Here's how that looks, and also what kind of learnings I gained from that: https://medium.com/@ldanielswakman/time-tracking-for-freelancers-what-learned-from-my-own-habits-8171bebe136e

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  • Posted to How to make a functioning kanban board in Figma, Apr 15, 2020

    Interesting stuff! Great application of the Auto Layout feature; I can imagine we can almost start to build full frontend applications with Figma soon, as soon as there is something like conditional statements...

    Is the Figma file already available somewhere? Would love to check out how you did it, and potentially even use the setup for doing my project management from within Figma myself!

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  • Posted to How do you as a designer collaborate with developers?, May 03, 2017

    Interesting overview of approaches, despite the fact that simply everyone will say ‘very closely’. I believe in an approach where a designer has the responsibility of delivering a design that is responsive, dynamic and stateful. This is more a product team mindset than one more of a designer or a developer; it is a dynamic entity we are working on.

    Practically, for me that means that designers should dive right in there with code as much as developers. Not talking about having to know what al functions and classes do, but to control the thing that literally makes a design happen in the browser: CSS. For a native mobile (invoicing/accounting) app I have been designing, we set up a simple HTML/CSS design repository where the design is ‘delivered’. This ensures full control over how a design is implemented, and answers any questions for developers. I wrote an article about how we have done that, read it here.

    As much as designers are shouting the UX design is the responsibility of the whole team, we should similarly ‘own up’ to our design decisions by knowing how they should be implemented in all states and situations. Delivering Sketch files simply doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

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