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Brittany Gregory

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  • Posted to AMA: Framer Team on the all-new Framer and Auto-Code, in reply to Raphael Lopes , Apr 19, 2016

    Hey Raphael, as someone who was introduced to Framer with almost no experience with code or programming, I totally get the concern about learning CoffeeScript. Continuing to remove barriers to getting started in Framer is a major goal of ours. Auto-Code was a first step, but we will be continuing to work toward this in future updates. We will, however, always be big believers in code over here. The good news is that with a little time, Framer is not all that hard to learn...I’m living proof :)

    Regarding your question about adding tutorials and tips and tricks on Framer, this is in the works! We’re hoping provide you guys some really helpful content in the near future. Stay tuned! Are there any tutorials that you find particularly helpful, from other companies or products?

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  • Posted to Framer News: Introducing Auto-Code, Apr 12, 2016

    The new Framer is here! We're incredibly excited to introduce an all-new new way to design in Framer. We’re combining the power of code with the ease of visual editing in a pretty novel way. It's now much easier to start designing with code. Let us know what you think!

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