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  • Posted to What Monitor do You Use ?, in reply to Brian Hinton , May 02, 2017

    P2715Q here, superb quality.

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  • Posted to Apparently the Nazi's had a 550+ page branding and identity guide. Here is the whole thing [PDF]., in reply to Greg Bowen , Feb 02, 2015

    -1 for legibility but +1 for evil looks.

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  • Posted to A New Identity for Kuvva, Jul 14, 2014

    Nice! I've just find out the new identity, I have to admit I was kind of lost, thought they maybe had disappeared like so many startups, but then read this and now it makes sense (-;

    Best wallpaper app! And hoping this pivot to artwork selling works.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you prefer LCD font smoothing? (OSX), Mar 15, 2014

    Smooth! Always wanted to get that smooth look of the terminals and code editors on the coding screencasts in my Windows laptop.

    Now I have a Macbook Pro for some months and just love the type rendering. Some time ago I read that it was because the rendering engine was designed to closely match the original shapes of the typeface at every size, in contrast to Windows' one which prioritizes legibility at small sizes, i.e. applying heavy hinting.

    Why do I like it? It just looks nice, don't know how to explain, for me at least it's easier to read too.

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