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  • Posted to Don’t get clever with login forms, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Feb 15, 2019

    Not to mention... it’s easy to have a login modal and a dedicated login page. Modal being the main driver.

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  • Posted to iPhone X notch devs fixes ;), in reply to Ali Zendaki , Sep 14, 2017

    Great news! In a few weeks you won't care about the notch at all. Love live the notch.

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  • Posted to The State of Design, in reply to Duke Cavinski , Aug 29, 2017

    I've been feeling this way lately as well. I'm glad someone finally called the whole situation out. Wonderfully written blah.

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  • Posted to iOS 11 Preview, in reply to Evan Knight , Jun 06, 2017

    It's animated. Hit replay.

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  • Posted to Affinity Photo for iPad, Jun 06, 2017

    This is an impressive app. Exactly what I was hoping for. My iPad Pro is finally starting to feel like a Pro piece of hardware.

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  • Posted to Apple HomePod, Jun 06, 2017

    Take my money Apple. Take it all.

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  • Posted to Help me let go of Apple, in reply to Ronnie Johnson , Oct 28, 2016

    I gave you a point because you were able to work in "scratching the surface". Nice one.

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  • Posted to Help me let go of Apple, in reply to Doug Hardester , Oct 28, 2016

    This is a wonderful answer. I agree completely, everyone is looking for something to revolutionize their workflow. It's 2016 guys, we're pretty deep in at this point. Automotive companies don't revolutionize their vehicles from year to year. They simply improve what's already there, because it works. How long did it take Tesla to show up?

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  • Posted to Macbook Pro vs Surface Studio, in reply to Stuart McCoy , Oct 28, 2016

    I get that a lot of people use their laptops like desktops (I do as well), but this is still a really a bizarre comparison. It's like comparing a house with a foundation to a mobile home. They both have upsides the other can't possibly have.

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  • Posted to macOS Sierra — Upgrade Now, Sep 20, 2016

    El Capitan wasn't loaded with new features and yet it was one of the best performance upgrades ever from Apple, at least for my 2013 MacBook Pro.

    I've heard Sierra builds on this, so yeah, I'm updating.

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