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R.J. LaCount

Seattle, WA Front End Engineer Joined over 9 years ago via an invitation from Nicola R.

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  • Posted to Our new redesigned website is out! would like to call it GrayGrids 2.0, in reply to Musharof Chowdhury , Jul 16, 2020

    The header disappearing then sliding back in as soon as you scroll is weird and causes the page to jump; I'd just have it fixed from the start. Other than that, looks nice!

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  • Posted to Sponsor: monday.com is a powerful tool for project and team management, communications and collaboration.we keep it all in one place., Aug 06, 2018

    One piece of advice I have - these guys need to ease up on the sales a bit. I signed up for an account just to take a look as I was setting up tools for a new job but ended up not having time to investigate much, so made a quick Trello board for my current tasks and planned to look at it later.

    In the following week, their senior sales consultant emailed me several times and even called me at my office after I hadn't gotten to his emails yet to see if I needed help setting things up. I understand sending an email to offer assistance, but the pushiness of the sales team kind of put me off from the platform, to be honest.

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  • Posted to Web Starter Kit, Jun 19, 2014

    Amazing use of sockets in this gulp file to smoothly mirror scrolling from device to desktop; definitely going to have to steal quite a bit for my own boilerplate.

    I love that, still to this day, I come across stuff that appears to be powered by magic.

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  • Posted to Rethinking the fold, Nov 12, 2013

    One of my favorite examples of this: http://iampaddy.com/lifebelow600/

    Everything from the treatment of the headline and penguins sliding down to the hint of the submerged base of the iceberg hints at the user to scroll down.

    "The fold" very quickly evolved into a space for clients and stakeholders to argue about how many things they can cram above it (bring on the carousels). This is what gets me excited about more people jumping on this mobile first bandwagon and re-thinking what is actually important.

    As we all know: if everything is important, nothing is important.

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  • Posted to Blind - A 1X Web Browser for Retina Displays, Nov 12, 2013

    I'd like to know a bit more about why the low resolution mode in Safari isn't an accurate representation, especially compared against the idea of looking at your site in a completely separate browser that the end user almost certainly isn't running.

    If the Safari 1x mode truly isn't accurate, could something better be written as, say, a Chrome extension so we're at least dealing with a common browser?

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  • Posted to Beyond the fold, Nov 12, 2013

    The company I work for recently acquired Banyan Branch, the placeholder page they put up does exactly what you describe with some animated arrows: http://banyanbranch.com/

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