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  • Posted to Why the Bootstrap 3 Grid Works, Jul 16, 2014

    Awesome article. Dude is a handsome genius,

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  • Posted to Bootstrap 3 Grid Introduction, Aug 20, 2013

    Anyone want to chat about this, here or on my comments thread? Would love to hear designers opinions and how those contrast with hackers over on HN.

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  • Posted to Do websites need to be experienced exactly the same in every browser?, Feb 09, 2013

    So you're going to build QA test cases for every browser? And then spend the time not only determining the desired behavior for each browser, but also spend the time doing QA for each?

    I realize that most people skip QA on a brochure or very small website, but what about ones with heavy interactivity? Or a webapp/saas type product? Or something with a responsive layout?

    I agree that it doesn't have to be exact. But it sounds like you're adding a lot of work to anyone who wants to build something that isn't just a brochure.

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  • Posted to Brandon Text, The Brandon Grotesque for small sizes., Feb 08, 2013

    93% on top of 47%.

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  • Posted to Roole: A language that compiles to CSS, Feb 08, 2013

    Interesting. Seems like an extension of Less but more like coffeescript. A lot more macroing and usage of whitespace and the reduction of syntax. Not sure if it would replace Less or not. Would have to try it.

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  • Posted to Mailbox is here ! Get the app , Feb 07, 2013

    How is this with Exchange? Full support?

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  • Posted to The Role of "Delight" in Design, Feb 06, 2013

    This argument is easy. Transitions and playful niceties I do are delightful. Transitions and playful niceties you do are indulgent.

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  • Posted to Nested, Jan 31, 2013

    This feels a lot like masonry.js.

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  • Posted to What the best CSS Grid today?, Jan 30, 2013

    Bootstrap for sure. Allows for complete unstyled usage for the most rapid of prototyping, but is also so easily re-skinnable that you'd never tell it is bootstrap. Like Foundation replaced 960gs and Blueprint, Bootstrap replaces the rest.

    Also, there's another identical "Ask DN" about this three posts up..

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton or ?, Jan 30, 2013

    Any framework will have a default look. Foundation, Skeleton, 1140, Boostrap, they all have their recognizable features. But the onus of design is on the designer. I use bootstrap extensively, and most of the time I create very distinct and unique child-themes. The fact that developers and other quick-build startups or prototypes don't alter the look of Bootstrap is just due to a lack of effort/time/interest. The same could be said for Foundation or Skeleton, especially if you use some of the less recognizable ones and don't add any design of your own.

    I use bootstrap and find it to be extremely flexible and forgiving. I haven't had any problem creating unique, net-new designs with it. Anything a designer could make in their head or photoshop or whatever can be done in bootstrap. People just don't do it. So I would ask, would they design something up if they were coding it from scratch or using a faceless framework?

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