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  • Posted to Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac is Finally Available!, in reply to Sean O'Grady , Jun 06, 2015

    Sure you can. But you can only work with one at a time and you have to switch between them constantly.

    Whereas with Tweetdeck, I'm able to have both of my accounts' respective timelines (and lists, mentions, etc.) open at the same time which makes it so much easier to work with.

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  • Posted to Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac is Finally Available!, Jun 05, 2015

    As much as I like and appreciate the visual uplift, Tweetbot for Mac is still lightyears behind Tweetdeck in terms of features and flexibility.

    Anyone with two or more Twitter accounts will be especially aware of this.

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  • Posted to Tweetbot 2 for Yosemite is coming and will be a free upgrade, Feb 05, 2015

    Few months ago, I started using TweetDeck as my everyday Twitter app and never thought about going back to Tweetbot. I found TweetDeck to be rich with features and extremely usable, while looking pretty decent. On top of it all, it's a free app.

    Wondering if Tweetbot 2 will be as feature rich as TweetDeck, because it sure will take much more than looks to win me back :) Hopefully it will!

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  • Posted to Site Design: Raindrop.io New Landing Page, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Sep 30, 2014

    I hear you. With all due respect to anyone building products such as this one, I've settled with a combo consisting of Pocket for stuff to read and Evernote for everything else.

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  • Posted to Ello, goodbye, in reply to Cihad Turhan , Sep 29, 2014

    That's where http://evernote.com/clearly/ comes in really handy :)

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  • Posted to No More Slicing, in reply to Kelly Sutton , Sep 19, 2014

    Thank you for the reply :)

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  • Posted to No More Slicing, Sep 15, 2014

    This is really a handy feature, I'll give you that. Now, if only it could do something which is built in Sketch or for which we have to use tools like PNG Express - exporting a single item in multiple sizes, both for iOS and Android.

    I'm a Layervault user and I went through the documentation, but it's pretty slim with regards to explaining the Assets feature and the control thereof.

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  • Posted to Form - Instant Native Prototypes for Designers, in reply to J V , Sep 08, 2014

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Especially the part where it is basically the same "spaghetti factory" as QC/Origami was.

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  • Posted to What snacks do you eat while designing?, Jul 18, 2014

    None whatsoever. But I drink a lot of coffee with heavy whipping cream ;)

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  • Posted to Hours - time tracking app by Apple Design Award winning team, in reply to Jeremy Olson , Jul 18, 2014

    That's great news, Jeremy! Hope you plan to include the 'generate invoice' feature :)

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