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  • Posted to @DannPetty Show — Things In My Office Under $20, Practice, The Unsplash Sweatshirt, and Abstract, Jul 18, 2017

    Dann on upcoming video:

    "The top story on Designers News this week is... me - let's move on"

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  • Posted to Designing for the elderly and disabled, Jun 29, 2017

    Everything what you're looking for is here: and

    Understand and follow standards. Define and build accessibility guidelines into for your project.

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  • Posted to Sketch 43.2 released with many bug fixes, in reply to Razlan Hanafiah , Apr 20, 2017

    Did you try to remove all those fancy / 3rd party plugins?

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  • Posted to Improved Shape Editing and More in Sketch 43, Apr 06, 2017

    With all this hype for Sketch 43 has now an editable file format - let me remind you, they had it in the past, but ditched because of serious performance issues. Fingers crossed that they tackled file format right way this time. I'm not gonna jump right away on this update band wagon.

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  • Posted to If Apple is working on a car, what features would you like it to have?, Oct 20, 2016

    I read that this car thing is being dropped. Now they're more into partnering with existing carmakers source

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  • Posted to How I sent 7000 emails for 0.7$, in reply to Samuel Zeller , Aug 24, 2016

    You're using shared hosting, they can ban you for sending too much emails thru their server. Why? Sending bulk email campaigns will affect their servers and other clients on this machine, they don't want to get banned from Google/Yahoo or whatever.

    From their TOS:

    We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited e-mail, bulk emailing, and spam. "Safe lists" and purchased lists will be treated as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated with or without notice.

    Sorry for being that guy, but it's a big thing for hosting companies and your account not going to last long.

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  • Posted to Video: Spatial Interfaces, in reply to Pasquale D'Silva , Dec 06, 2015

    Great talk Pasquale. I enjoyed from the audience, almost died when you talked about the background. Overall push.conf every year gets better.

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  • Posted to Remote work's next big question?, in reply to Andy Leverenz , Oct 04, 2015

    Andy, I agree with you that 100% remote team based on great communication can work. Try put yourself in situation where you are remote and rest of the team is sitting together at different location. Another one is where your product owner & design team is in bay area (PDT), you are in Europe (+9h to PDT) and QA team is in China (+15h to PDT). Sometimes for me it was crazy ride.

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  • Posted to Remote work's next big question?, Oct 03, 2015

    I just quit my job where remotely worked ~3yrs with my UX team and remote clients. Company hires ~350ppl, has few locations in Europe, but if you're the only designer at location it's super hard to exchange knowledge, get proper feedback/insights etc. You're becoming Slack/Skype/Hangouts ninja.

    Being on site with your fellow coworkers designers, engineering, product owners has one big advantage - you ship better products. There's no better way of figuring shit out when you just sit with the team. If you need "full focus mode", put the headphones on and do your job. It's totally fine to go out and work form the cafe, park, but constantly working from home narrows your point of view.

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