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  • Posted to Lock Account After 4 Failed Tries. Good UX or Bad UX?, in reply to Stuart McCoy , May 20, 2020

    What's the alternative? If we don't use passwords what replaces them to ensure security? I keep seeing this argument in various places, but no one suggests what else we might use.

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  • Posted to Firefox: The Evolution Of A Brand, in reply to Diego Lafuente , Jun 12, 2019

    Care to elaborate, or are you just trolling for the fun of it? I am not sure what you mean by "the Mozilla brand was destroyed'?

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  • Posted to Affinity Publisher is coming out soon; Has anyone used it/have opinions?, Jun 05, 2019

    I am waiting for Affinity to come out with Affinity Animation and Affinity Video. And then start charging a subscription (being sarcastic; although a competitor to AE would be cool)

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  • Posted to SwiftUI - build user interfaces across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift, Jun 05, 2019

    I am interested to see how this goes over given a lot of developer's dislike for drag and drop programming (tends to create very messy, non-maintainable code). I can see it being picked up by designers, but then recreated by developers.

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  • Posted to How to Become a Better Illustrator, Jun 05, 2019

    I like it; straight to the point.

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  • Posted to Mac Pro, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Jun 05, 2019

    Windows and Linux are the problem. Yes, both are stable, but...

    Windows is ugly and is constantly getting in your way. There is no consistency with it application to application. OSX just gets out of your way and lets you work.

    As for Linux, great for servers, but every version of desktop Linux I have ever used has always had problems. One place I worked where everyone was on identical hardware imaged from a single source all developed very different problems over time.

    OSX is consistent, beautiful, and gets out of your way and lets you work and, in my experience, never develops problems. It's just frustrating that the hardware is so expensive and inflexible.

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  • Posted to Mac Pro, in reply to Andy Merskin , Jun 04, 2019

    Keep in mind, they kinda have to go big cause the new Mac Pro probably won't be updated until 2025 (I wish I was being facetious)

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  • Posted to Sketch 55, in reply to Ryan Hicks , May 21, 2019

    This has been driving me nuts all day. Every time I shift click something to move it horizontally, it snaps down.

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  • Posted to [Comic] Always Ask Why 5 Times, Apr 04, 2019

    Why? Just why? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Posted to Do you all agree that studio's or agencies should have pricing upfront?, Mar 26, 2019

    Unless you are doing exactly the same thing over and over again, maybe; however, it you are doing the same thing over and over again, you are probably doing something wrong.

    The point is that every job is different and should require different deliverables, different effort, and just be different. Pricing is definitely one of those things that falls into the "it depends" category.

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