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Nick Hoskin

Co-founder/Product Designer at The Interest Network Joined almost 10 years ago via an invitation from Simon B.

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  • Posted to Site Design: It's dissection time., in reply to Marijn Scholtus , Oct 08, 2014

    Hey Marijn,

    Thanks heaps for the feedback. Not sure if you noticed, but the grunge texture is a default fallback for when I don't design a bespoke header... example of one of them can be seen on this article -

    In reference to your feedback - • This was actually the most difficult part of the overall process as we felt it important that we made a visible connection between the two states (currently reading and content navigation) whilst providing a meaningful transition that helped the viewer understand the positioning of the content (side by side). We experimented with a wide range of transitions, sliding the content nav in from left to right caused the feature image of the currently reading article off the canvas etc. etc. And when the nav icon was in the top right we found a lot of our test users couldn't work out how to display the navigation. Definitely something we will continue to try and solve in a more logical manner in future though.

    • Totally agree and this is something I am very eager to resolve.

    • This is my number one issue with the current site, I find it extremely frustrating. This content navigation section is where the majority of the re-design will be focussed.

    • When you land on the site by default at - you are presented with all content (most recent first) but the panel on the left is a featured/promoted story. We are also working on a "Recommended to read next" panel to appear at the end of each story which should help inform the reader as to what they should do next.

    Thanks again!

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