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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you build your portfolio?, in reply to E Bensley , Sep 02, 2016

    Thanks! I've taken all the text on each card and stuck it in the alt-text for each image, but that's definitely not ideal.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Portfolio Feedback, Sep 01, 2016

    Looks great! One thing that stuck out is the fact that you included the Tumblr logo, with the same positioning as the companies you actually did work for. Seeing that you'd included the Tumblr logo when you've just made a theme for Tumblr, rather than working directly on the product, made me question whether you'd actually done work for the other companies whose logos you included (all of which you actually did work for, it seems). May want to remove the Tumblr logo, or put it somewhere else, just to avoid confusing people.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you build your portfolio?, Sep 01, 2016

    I'm actually in the process of building a new portfolio at It's card-based, and I went the lazy route and actually made each card's content a single image, which I export from a Sketch document. Building cards out of HTML and CSS would definitely be better – but the main problem with my portfolio in the past has been a lack of time to update it, so I feel justified in choosing the low-effort approach.

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  • Posted to Snapchat Reaction Emoji: a prototype, in reply to Jared Krause , Jan 14, 2016

    You're right, 2 might be too few. The fan-like design could probably accommodate 4 emoji. (maybe the app defaults to 2 emoji, but you can add up to 4 in Settings). Of course, switching to "chat" lets you enter arbitrary emoji.

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