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  • Posted to HTML6 spec, Dec 02, 2014

    Frome the github repo linked on the page:

    I copy pasted this years ago, from a blog I don't write at anymore. I first published this nearly three years ago. The site is getting a ton of traffic out of nowhere. I haven't updated this aside from minor typos since then. Seriously, it was just some random thing I did for fun one day. It's in no way a real spec and should not be taken seriously.

    I've since moved onto starting my own company called Piggybank and I wont be updating this anytime soon.

    Aside from that, this idea is not the best.

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  • Posted to Blurred backgrounds with CSS, Oct 17, 2014

    You could also achieve this with CSS Filters.

    Anyways, the effect is useless if you want to do "iOS" style blurring since most solutions i've seen either only work with images or involve duplicating the whole DOM tree and "syncing" the scroll position.

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  • Posted to Sit the Test -> take tests that prove your skills as a developer, Oct 11, 2014

    I liked the idea, but then i took the CSS test (I scored 86%) & JS test (closed it mid-way).

    Some of the question either had dubious answers or there were some misconceptions on the answers or questions. It was a little bit frustrating to see.

    It looks good, though.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is your wallpaper, Sep 12, 2014

    Using this MVC2 (Or CVS2? Can't remember now) wallpaper as my main one: FIGHT!

    And this DoDonPachi "cleaned up" screenshot for my second screen: DONPACHI!

    I like the second one because the (accidental) yellow bar only takes up the same space as the menubar, making it stand out more.

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  • Posted to Dress Code at the Office?, Jul 07, 2014

    Pretty casual clothing.

    I normally wear streetwear (Nike, Adidas, jeans, 5-panels). On summer i usually wear jean shorts.

    As long you don't dress improperly or if you look dirty/like a bum it's ok. Unless you have a client meeting, then you need to step up the game.

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  • Posted to Check Retina Support by Zooming 200% in Chrome, Jan 26, 2014

    This is erroneous. If you use pixel-density media queries, they will get ingnored for example.

    What google does is just put a @2x image, and downscale it by 50% with CSS or HTML. So a 200px image shows as a 100px one, but on a retina display it will look crisp.

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  • Posted to Faded - All-in-one photo editing iPhone app, Dec 19, 2013

    I'd say it's a VSCO Cam inspired app that tries to add tons of functionality to make it more on par with "pro" apps like Snapseed or Photoforge.

    The thing is, i don't think that VSCO needed any of that.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What app do you use for uploading a website?, in reply to Ari Zilnik , Nov 19, 2013

    Cyberduck has some cool features. If you're using Amazon S3 and CloudFront you can do cache invalidation from Cyberduck.

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  • Posted to Polygon's PS4 Review, Nov 13, 2013

    The technique in question:

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