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  • Posted to Tim Cook Speaks Up—Op-ed, in reply to Eric Hu , Oct 30, 2014

    Oh, I'm ignorant and part of a "culture of oppression" now. Bet you're a ton of fun at parties.

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  • Posted to Tim Cook Speaks Up—Op-ed, Oct 30, 2014

    I'm proud to be straight. Who cares?

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  • Posted to How Google designed Android L, in reply to Updula Lee , Jun 30, 2014

    Lotta Apple fanboys up in here.

    Had this been Jony Ive's idea it would be literally the best thing in the universe.

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  • Posted to New Gmail Interface (Looks Kind of Like DN), in reply to Eliot Slevin , May 12, 2014

    You mean like how Outlook/OWA has done for years?

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  • Posted to Microsoft is killing the Windows 8 tile UI for laptops, in reply to Danny King , Apr 03, 2014

    I think it looks awesome, especially since it's optional and you can drag/drop programs into it and move them around. It's definitely innovative and different from what anyone else it doing.

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  • Posted to Vox, in reply to Trevor Henry , Mar 12, 2014

    But as far as we can tell Vox will have a single writer, explaining a single story to us like we're idiot children that need to be hand fed news. Anything other than that and it's a group blog and those have been around for a decade. What I envision Vox being, seeing as I know how both Klein and Yglesias operate, is it will be a "wonk"-ish blog with lots of charts and infographs in each story to make it look "hip" and "cool" while giving us no more information about the particular story than CNN or Fox News are doing a couple clicks away.

    I don't care about the aviation record of the Boeing 777 or the personal history of the ground mechanic that worked on it that one time. I want to know if it's been found or the status of the search and any new info about the cause. Other news outlets do this just fine. Vox is just another trendy startup that offers nothing new to an already crowded space.

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  • Posted to Vox, in reply to Phil Oakley , Mar 10, 2014

    The news isn't that complex. "Explanatory journalism" is the most buzzwordy garbage I've ever heard. It's just a way for them to insert their opinions into the story and act like it's a straight news piece.

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  • Posted to Vox, Mar 10, 2014

    Sounds stupendous. Treat readers like morons that have to have their news "explained" to them by elitist bloggers pretending to be real journalists. VANITY PROJECT ALERT

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  • Posted to Site Design: Barack Obama - Healthcare for the Holidays, Dec 20, 2013

    Government propaganda

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