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  • Posted to What is your podcast player?, Jan 23, 2017

    Currently using the Podcasts app. I've tried most of them but never really found a need to switch.

    However one thing I have not found in a single player and would definitely pay for in a heartbeat is the ability to tag/mark/bookmark spots in a podcast so it's easy to come back to later. (I listen to alot of informational podcasts and would often times like to re-listen to bits/pieces again)

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  • Posted to Mac Apps for Recording Screen?, in reply to Kadsfasdf Lasdfasdf , Jan 23, 2017

    I like Kap, but at least on my system, any clip longer than 10 seconds strips any audio.

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  • Posted to Library by InVision, May 17, 2016

    This definitely looks useful, but it's not working on my end and looks nothing like it does in their announcement http://jmp.sh/2NwDFWF

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  • Posted to Library by InVision, in reply to James Greig , May 17, 2016

    Same thing happens for me. The update wasn't even showing for me, I had to delete the Craft manager and re-download it just to get the update.

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