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  • Posted to Design culture is a frozen shithole, in reply to Marc Edwards , Aug 03, 2014

    +1. This is angry clickbait and even the ok points lose their meaning in that context.

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  • Posted to Design culture is a frozen shithole, in reply to Edwin de Jongh , Aug 03, 2014

    Yep. To Sagmeister's defense, I agree that it's important to keep in mind that the designer's role is to solve problems with design, but if the problem you're solving is helping pass on a piece of information, a feeling or a story, then you're doing your job as a designer. Saying the rollercoaster designer's job is well, a rollercoaster designer, is true. But his job involves telling a story, creating an experience he controls and that can be done well or poorly. Anyone who's ever visited a Disney park knows firsthand what it means to design an experience.

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  • Posted to Design culture is a frozen shithole, Aug 03, 2014

    Provocative title has nothing to do with text, which does raise a couple interesting points but gets lost in its own anger. Chill out, yo.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Designers! What kind of mouse do you use?, in reply to David Barker , May 26, 2014

    I loved this mouse for a couple months, until the "works on glass" part stopped working and lost all precision. Called Logitech and got a replacement, same problem after a few months.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Designers! What kind of mouse do you use?, May 26, 2014

    Logitech G500 at home and Razer Mamba 2012 Elite at the office. In my view, gaming mice are the best for design, because they're comfortable and precise. I can't design with trackpads, whenever I'm on a crunch for a few days in a row, it feels very taxing on the fingers and wrists.

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  • Posted to The OVERLAY Alternative, Apr 30, 2014

    Not gonna lie, it took me a while to grasp the concept but it's a good one. Pretty much enables a "double click" behavior to something that needs to be confirmed, rather than forcing me to move my eyes to a message somewhere else.

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  • Posted to Tired of "beautiful" design?, in reply to Andy Staple , Apr 04, 2014

    Definitely this. But I think he meant using the term as a descriptor, in which case I'm 100% onboard (tired of the word in this context).

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  • Posted to Shine. Redefined. - Bohemian Coding, Mar 21, 2014

    Sketch looks great, but I don't trust Bohemian Coding anymore. Fontcase was an important piece of software I've relied on for years and they simply dropped it without even warning the users (many months of neglect later they posted something on their blog which I had to search for a long time).

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