Alice Chuang

Alice Chuang

Menlo Park Product Designer at Facebook Messenger Joined about 10 years ago via an invitation from Edward L.

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  • Posted to The new Wake, in reply to Duke Cavinski , Feb 23, 2017

    I work on Facebook Messenger and my team uses Wake primarily. We have quite a few designers, some are in Seattle, and all of us are distributed into various teams within Messsenger, and subteams within that. For example, I work in Messenger Growth, and within that I work on Thread Growth.

    Wake really helps us quickly get feedback without having to pull everyone into an in person meeting. We use Dropbox to host our Sketch files.

    That being said, we also send bugs and requests to Wake a bunch ;)

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  • Posted to Online "moodboard" platforms that aren't Pinterest? , Mar 10, 2016

    I like It's pretty nice! ;)

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  • Posted to New Commit icon for Sourcetree, in reply to Emily Unroe , Feb 23, 2016

    It's left me wondering what a better icon for "Commit" would be, though! I think this is silly, but memorable.

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  • Posted to Is @2x disabled on Dribbble now?, in reply to Ollie Barker , Jan 06, 2016

    Yeah, that makes sense. It was just very odd to have that suddenly disappear, since I didn't normally use "Z". I do follow Dan C., but for those that don't, it might be useful for Dribbble to do a quick "things updated" call out when it first loads. Just food for thought!

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  • Posted to Is @2x disabled on Dribbble now?, in reply to Daniel Golden , Jan 05, 2016


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  • Posted to Is @2x disabled on Dribbble now?, in reply to Aaron Wade , Jan 05, 2016

    Hmm, wondering if Dribbble is trying to phase out 2x to encourage attachments.

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  • Posted to RIP, Mailbox. Hello, N1, in reply to A. M. ­Douglas , Dec 07, 2015

    Yeah, sorry, I did mean an installable software app. I just don't like having to to "go online" via browser just to read my (non-new) email.

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  • Posted to RIP, Mailbox. Hello, N1, in reply to Matt Dean , Dec 07, 2015

    I like Inbox, and the team behind it, but I still need a desktop app for my needs. I don't think there's an Inbox one!

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  • Posted to Disappointing Mailbox update. Looking for new Mail client!, in reply to Eric Posen , Aug 19, 2015

    Yeah, precisely. I do use a Magic Mouse (wonderful for Sketch), but I'm still not happy with the change. I used to just restart whenever I got one of those freezing bugs, holding out for a bug - free version, but the new update is unfortunately not good at all. Besides the functionality, the text spacing is pretty rough on the eye.

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  • Posted to Let's see your website/portfolio., Feb 05, 2015

    Aiming to do a retrospective about this past year, particularly involving changing jobs, from a small agency to working as a consultant at Google!

    My website is hosted by Squarespace :)

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