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  • Posted to Links and resources that helped me go from 0 to 100 in Angular, in reply to Gonçalo Morais , Dec 14, 2014

    By the way guys what do you think about the way that he create a module for every action for CRUD like "categories.bookmars.edit", I find that a little too much detailed

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  • Posted to Takana - live edit SCSS & CSS, in reply to Daniel Golden , Sep 26, 2014

    "Currently, Takana only supports OSX and Sublime Text 2 & 3."

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  • Posted to New portfolio guys, any feedback?, in reply to Louis Ansa , Sep 16, 2014

    Bon je suis plus à l'aise en français ;).

    Le site pèse 11.9MB, d'où le temps de chargement. Peut-être essayer de réduire la qualité des mp4, ou les charger uniquement lorsqu'on est à la section précédente (par exemple charger le mp4 Invictus lorsqu'on est sur défi ingénieurs). -> Ici j'ai chargé 12.3MB. Du coup par exemple je sais pas si c'est nécessaire de préloader les vidéos.

    Mais à part ça c'est de l'excellent boulot. Un peu chargé en animations, mais c'est juste bandant.


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  • Posted to New portfolio guys, any feedback?, Sep 16, 2014

    This is really sick. Seriously. But too much time to load the content. -> I'm having some fps issues with the gifs, and I Have a 16gb core i7 Nvidia 770 Computer :/.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you use, Aug 19, 2014


    Here how I understand it : is a 1 to 24 based columns grid. So when you use "xl-24-6", it means "For large screeen, this div have a 6/24 width (which mean 1/4 too)"

    Look at the code of this : . You will understand.

    If you're a designer learning to code, I recommand you webflow. Very powerful to design website with a good interface.

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  • Posted to Best method for media queries?, Jul 21, 2014


    Using Foundation with Sass and Bourbon, I'm doing it like that, better for maintenance in my opinion :

    .class{ attr1: prop; attr2:prop; @media #{$medium-up} { attr1: prop; attr2:prop; } @media #{$large-up} { attr1: prop; attr2:prop; } }

    Here is variables Foundation is using, if you don't use Foundation :

    //Media Query Ranges $small-range: (0em, 40em); $medium-range: (40.063em, 64em); $large-range: (64.063em, 90em); $xlarge-range: (90.063em, 120em); $xxlarge-range: (120.063em); // RANGES // We use these functions to define ranges for various things, like media queries. @function lower-bound($range){ @if length($range) <= 0 { @return 0; } @return nth($range,1); } @function upper-bound($range) { @if length($range) < 2 { @return 999999999999; } @return nth($range, 2); } $screen: "only screen"; $landscape: "#{$screen} and (orientation: landscape)"; $portrait: "#{$screen} and (orientation: portrait)"; $small-up: $screen; $small-only: "#{$screen} and (max-width: #{upper-bound($small-range)})"; $medium-up: "#{$screen} and (min-width:#{lower-bound($medium-range)})"; $medium-only: "#{$screen} and (min-width:#{lower-bound($medium-range)}) and (max-width:#{upper-bound($medium-range)})"; $large-up: "#{$screen} and (min-width:#{lower-bound($large-range)})"; $large-only: "#{$screen} and (min-width:#{lower-bound($large-range)}) and (max-width:#{upper-bound($large-range)})"; $xlarge-up: "#{$screen} and (min-width:#{lower-bound($xlarge-range)})"; $xlarge-only: "#{$screen} and (min-width:#{lower-bound($xlarge-range)}) and (max-width:#{upper-bound($xlarge-range)})"; $xxlarge-up: "#{$screen} and (min-width:#{lower-bound($xxlarge-range)})"; $xxlarge-only: "#{$screen} and (min-width:#{lower-bound($xxlarge-range)}) and (max-width:#{upper-bound($xxlarge-range)})";
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  • Posted to How do you organize your SASS files?, in reply to Hmphry x , Jul 05, 2014

    In the class itself :

    .class{ property1:value; property2:value; @media{ //320px up; } @media{ //640px up; } }
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  • Posted to Show DN: IMDB(Unsolicited Redesign) Concept, Jul 01, 2014

    I just LOVE that trick to simulate a radial percentage. Good job !

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Favourite computer game you've played over the past year or two?, Jul 01, 2014

    Skyrim GTA :D Counter Strike Source :DD

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  • Posted to Fix poor font rendering on Chrome (Windows), Jun 15, 2014

    Thanks, but, when I'm designing something, I don't want to have results thats some users don't.

    To fix poor rendering on Chrome, especially when importing webfonts, place the svg declaration BEFORE the woff declaration in your css.

    Chrome is more sexy using svg fonts.

    Link here

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