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  • Posted to Uplaunch. Power up your launch!, in reply to Mahdi Farra , Dec 12, 2019

    haha. Play of words :)

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  • Posted to Uplaunch. Power up your launch!, Dec 12, 2019
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  • Posted to ProtoPie 4.0 - now now with components, Aug 09, 2019

    Really love Protopie. Overall it's one of the best prototyping tool.

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  • Posted to Visual System - Sketch and Figma Design Kit, Nov 30, 2018

    Fantastic landing page Wojcieсh!

    Also if you in searching of hunter for launch on producthunt you can send me a personal message on email: dimablover@gmail.com

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  • Posted to Shortcuts.design - Any shortcut a designer ever wants to know, all in one place, in reply to Michel van Heest , Nov 08, 2017

    course I did it. Moreover sometimes shortcuts work in sketch.

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  • Posted to Shortcuts.design - Any shortcut a designer ever wants to know, all in one place, Nov 07, 2017

    Interesting project. BTW maybe you know how can I change shortcuts from Sketch. For example, I change hide/view layers to cmd+shift+v, but it doesn't work. Also, I change group layers from cmd+g to cmd+shift+b, it's definitely better for me, but all my changes are not working. WHY?

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  • Posted to Alternatives to Pinterest?, Nov 04, 2017

    For creating mood boards I using Figma! Sure, check it out. Also niice.co great one.

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  • Posted to Brut Portfolio, in reply to R. Kamushken , Aug 14, 2017

    Thanks for you kind words.

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  • Posted to Brut Portfolio, Aug 14, 2017

    Hi guys!

    Have you ever been impressed by a WordPress portfolio theme?

    Introducing Brut. Made by itmeo

    Brut is a minimalistic one page portfolio theme. It gives you all the flexibility and the great power of WordPress flavored with top-notch design. Brut allows to quickly create a brilliant portfolio for designers, agencies, photographers, illustrators or any other creatives.

    We have a huge experience in creating such amazing sites for famous agencies and persons in interactive, photography, fashion and furniture industry. Now we offer our most essential skills for you.

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  • Posted to Teletype, Jul 04, 2017

    Ребята вроде у вас интересная штука, но сделайте описание на английском

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