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  • Posted to Best Email Clients 2018, in reply to Richard Sison , Jun 28, 2018

    I use Newton and the actual reading of the emails is kind of annoying as it tries to keep minimal. Switching accounts just takes a fraction too long for it to be annoying.

    However the superchargers (which is what I pay for and why I use it) are invaluable for me. Read receipts are a godsend.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Motel, in reply to Matthew Blode , Mar 07, 2017

    Matt has a slight (but very endearing) lisp.

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  • Posted to Apple Strategy in 2017: a very important change is coming to the iPhone, Oct 24, 2016

    I'll have what he's having

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  • Posted to Land Book - The homeland for fine websites, in reply to Daniel Golden , Oct 03, 2016

    Same here

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  • Posted to Raindrop 4.0 — All in one bookmark manager become even better, in reply to Jakie Future , Sep 28, 2016

    This looks really good and I've started using it. Seems perfect for what I want.

    Question though, should the top level folder with nested bookmark children not show all the bookmarks contained below.

    I created an Illustration folder, then added nested children of Pixel Art, Painting etc. - I'd expect to see everything in illustration, and then narrow it down if I need to. As it is all that happens is they move from Illustration to Pixel Art. Feels like I might as well just have lots of top level folders if thats the case.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What podcasts do you listen to?, Oct 29, 2015
    • 99% Invisible
    • On the Grid
    • Song Exploder
    • No Such thing as fish
    • Cultcast

    These are my favourites. I've just started listening to Limetown which has instantly gripped me.

    My arts org has just started one called Small Talk which you might hopefully fight interesting: Small Talk - Creative Discussion by Badego https://itun.es/gb/TiF39.c

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  • Posted to HTC in one Gif, in reply to Andy Stone , Oct 27, 2015

    I really dislike my 6, it's too big and too slippy. My favourite one that I've owned is the 3Gs. I could hold that perfectly. I never owned the 5c but I take that to be the perfect marriage of screen size and comfort when holding. They killed it with the 'plastic back, plastic back, it has a plastic back!' Undersold what it actually was.

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  • Posted to Do you believe in Jack of all trades or Master of one?, in reply to Tristam Goch , Oct 24, 2015

    Yeah that's pretty much how I look at it too.

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