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  • Posted to Which one is best for UI Designers? Trackpad & Mouse & Touchpad?, Sep 17, 2018

    Am I the only one using a pen tablet? I make gestures with my left hand in my trackpad, while using the right hand as a mouse but better, and when you have to write, just grab the pen with your thumb (try writing something with a pen in your hand).

    And in my wrist I have a bracelet with silicon inside to rest my hand (like those in the old mousepads)

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  • Posted to Will Bohemian release a bug free version of Sketch before the community runs out of goodwill?, Oct 31, 2015

    I've been working on sketch for 3 weeks now. In the beginning it was really buggy, but I still was feeling better than working in photoshop. Now, after the last update it doesn't crash as much as it did before and a lot of bugs were fixed.

    I'm just starting with sketch, but it's great to know that their are improving their software continuously.

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  • Posted to Which is the best app for UI designing Starters?, Oct 24, 2015

    I just moved from Photoshop to Sketch, a couple of weeks ago. That was the best best thing I've made so far. Sketch is buggy, sometimes it changes my fonts or crashes, but I'm still in love with it.

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  • Posted to Boring looooong forms in iOS: How to deal with them?, Oct 23, 2015

    If my form is not to long, what I do is show the user the whole form in just one screen (in that way people know what to expect from the beginning and don't get frustrated with different 'steps'). For really long forms I prefer to split them.

    Try to give all the possible clues in each input and validate everything in real time, it's frustrating to see errors after you send the form.

    I love what the guys of Intuit do with their taxes forms.

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