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  • Posted to Adobe XD Free Starter Plan & May Update, in reply to Greg Robison , May 15, 2018

    We’re targeting the next update in June - there were some technical challenges that we had to work through to bring this to Windows, but are excited that it’s coming soon.

    Andrew (Adobe)

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, in reply to Yuming Cheung , Aug 31, 2017


    Thanks, Andrew (Adobe)

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Aug 30, 2017

    Thanks for your questions Taylor.

    Our vision from the outset was for XD to provide an end-to-end solution for designing, prototyping and collaborating on user experiences.

    Using the points you made, I’d say there is still a way to go in all those areas:

    • Prototyping tools are all too common, but remain disconnected from design tools
    • Live collaboration exists, but is unproven at scale and within enterprise environments
    • Developer handoff is improving every day with new tools, but does not solve for design and implementation changes over time
    • Component Library apps are popping up everywhere, meaning no standardized way to store, manage and collaborate on assets
    • Versioning/git tools are gaining popularity, but are still hard to use

    Solving for all the challenges listed above are part of our roadmap for XD, with our intent to either solve them directly or to partner with others to do so.

    Beyond delivering features/capabilities, we believe that designers need high quality and fast performing tools so that they can ideate and iterate quickly. We believe that you should be able to work across different platforms and devices. We believe that teams and enterprise organizations want reassurance to know that investments in design tools and systems will have longevity and have broad industry support. With Adobe XD, we’re aiming to deliver all that.

    In terms of what else we can bring to the industry, we’re excited about the opportunities related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, and have a number of teams exploring how that can positively impact design. We’re also thinking about emerging user experience platforms, such as using voice-based user interfaces and augmented reality environments, with a goal to help designers create new types of experiences. More to come on these topics in time…

    Thanks, Andrew (Adobe).

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, in reply to Colin Hart , Aug 30, 2017

    Thanks for the feedback Colin.

    Yes, we're working on plugin support and also plan on making it easier to bring in design work from both Photoshop and Sketch.

    We'll share more on our roadmap soon.

    Cheers, Andrew (Adobe)

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Aug 30, 2017

    We've figured out text underline - agree it took longer than any of us would have liked.

    Yes to new features - we'll be sharing a roadmap soon, so that you'll be able to see what we plan to work on and can provide feedback. At a high level we'll be working on core design and prototyping features, so as to increase the expressiveness of the content you can create in XD.

    Regarding libraries - it's an initial implementation. We're thinking a lot about working with assets, sharing and collaboration, and I expect this to evolve over time.

    Thanks, Andrew (Adobe).

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, in reply to Dan Rodney , Aug 30, 2017

    There's a balance between putting out a feature that is early, but missing capabilities for some, so as to get feedback and build upon the foundation, and developing something for a longer period of time until is "fully featured" and then exposing it.

    We hear you that additional capabilities are needed in relation to working with character styles and we'll be adding those incrementally.

    Regarding CC Libraries - that's good feedback, we'll continue to iterate on that.

    Regarding layout guides and JPG export - both of those are being worked on and hopefully shouldn't be too long before they show up in XD.

    Thanks, Andrew (Adobe).

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Aug 30, 2017

    Skepticism understood. Fair comments on continuing to improve transparency and explaining what we're doing/not doing, etc. Will take that on board.

    Thanks, Andrew (Adobe).

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, Aug 30, 2017

    Building a high quality and high performance app on multiple platforms does take some time.

    That said, what is it you're waiting for/needing?

    Thanks, Andrew (Adobe).

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, in reply to Jonathan De Heus , Aug 30, 2017

    The core rendering engine that we're using for XD didn't support underline, so we needed to implement from scratch - in doing so, there is a lot of detail associated with how underline actually works, especially in regard to rendering the portion of a letter that extends below the baseline. I'll defer to other folks on the XD team to add more detail (I'm not in engineering).

    Thanks, Andrew (Adobe).

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, in reply to Rishi Luchun , Aug 30, 2017

    Glad you liked XD, but understand that you need to pick the tool that meets your current needs.

    We're working hard to add additional depth of features across design, prototyping and sharing - hope you'll take another look at XD in future.

    Cheers, Andrew (Adobe).

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