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  • Posted to Wearable Technology: How and Why It Works, Feb 18, 2018

    Hey, thanks for sharing! Looks like this article has “changed” a lot since I wrote it for the first time but it’s nice to see it gets reposted every so often :)

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  • Posted to - a venture capital retreat in the Italian Alps, Feb 02, 2018

    Looks promising! Too bad I’ve got such a lazy ass.

    Buona fortuna :)

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  • Posted to We Help Promote Your Designs and Ideas Internationally for Free, in reply to Spring Perception , May 14, 2017

    That's the issue.. you help PROMOTE INTERNATIONALLY TO THE WORLD STAGE.. yet you fail to grasp the basic rules of netiquette like "Allcaps equals screaming in the face of someone. Never ever use it. Ever. Unscrew the relative key from the keyboard and just forget about it. Really, no one needs yet another screaming salesman."

    I don't care particularly and I don't even think it's spam per se.. even if it's just a link with no context (which doesn't help your cause), it does provide some kind of value.. maybe the issue is that you're saying you're going to do something but failing to qualify with your actions, like failing to market properly to your audience which in this case are designers that hate substance-less, void promotion. Doesn't help you bro.

    Keep working on it though, just do a bit more research on the context next time you publish something! :)

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Who wants to be hired? (May 2017), May 03, 2017

    Looks like this is my thread!

    Location: Remote, Italy

    Remote: location :)

    Relocate: No, but willing to travel occasionally.

    I'm a design director and business designer. Looking for design agencies or seed stage startups to build awesome digital products

    Skills, contact and so on:

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  • Posted to Show DN: Digital Portfolio of Evan Kosowski, Feb 22, 2016

    Oh.. the van Schneider-ism of portfolio designs these days..

    seriously, I like the work, even though I see some superflous stuff that could've been left out of the window (unnecessary loading with menu, scroll-jacking.. is that a video in the homepage? On mobile it gives me the Play button but nothing happens) it's a good portfolio but..

    it's just that I'm getting soo tired of seeing the same patterns and style all over the place.. kudos for the very good work, but I personally wish I'd see some more diversification

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  • Posted to Show DN: Portfolio - Alessandro Giammaria, Jan 25, 2016

    I think there's something weird happening with the header on scroll down. It kind of fades away but not really, I would suggest you either keep it completely visible (like on the homepage, though at the cost of minor readability issues.. maybe add a solid background color?) or remove it on scrolling.

    Been wanting to use Semplice for a while now, but from what I see around it looks like it might limit the page structure too much.. even by creative effort, I would dare say 90% of the websites look the same.

    Comunque auguri! :)

    Edit: Appena visto che sei in provincia di Perugia, io sono a Gubbio.

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  • Posted to Adobe Project Comet, in reply to Tom Krcha , Oct 07, 2015

    Thanks for your reply Tom! Do you guys have a timeline for the Windows release? It's bad enough that you have us gasping for three months.. How long till this beauty will be available for the poor Windows outsider? I can understand the OSX-first approach given that this is a direct answer to Sketch.. but we exist too, dammit :'(

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  • Posted to Adobe Project Comet, Oct 06, 2015

    I see too much hysterism around this, whether for bad or good. Let me help you guys calm down:

    Its OS X native, and no one knows if there's gonna be a Windows release at this point. But I highly doubt it, given that they've built it from scratch and around the OSX engine.

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