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  • Posted to Adobe Sneak Peek: Audio Retargeting, Oct 11, 2015

    That's insane! Though it's still a script he had to run externally. I wonder when we'll see this built into Premiere.

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  • Posted to Medium New Logo & Typeface, in reply to Eytan Davidovits , Oct 08, 2015

    This is what was bothering me, I just couldn't put it into words. It was so clearly a reading or writing website with the old look. It didn't care about being modern. It just used what worked.

    The thing is, they're moving away from simply a reading/writing platform to something more communication oriented. Whether I want that or not, I'm not sure. From their perspective, I do understand why they want to change to allow people to feel more compelled to write there. It definitely did exude a certain level of pretentiousness before. Many people still believed you had to get an invite to write.

    I do wish they could have come up with a better solution, somewhere in the middle but it seems this push to communication product rather than writing product is what fuelled this change.

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  • Posted to Adobe Project Comet, Oct 06, 2015

    Absolutely blew my mind! The grid tool is a God send. And the amount of things in the document (if you watched the MAX conference demo) is staggering.

    I'm definitely going to give that preview a spin!

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  • Posted to How does Invision's documentary "Design Disruptors" represent the design community when everyone featured is white?, in reply to Laurens Spangenberg , Oct 06, 2015

    I completely agree with you, except here it's a matter of looking at the source. Invision is a UI/UX testing platform and as such they're spinning a story that will make their story look as relevant to them as possible.

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  • Posted to Adobe Portfolio, Oct 06, 2015

    I really like this! I've always found the Behance Prosites very complicated so this is a good alternative.

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  • Posted to Adobe Portfolio, in reply to Suganth S , Oct 06, 2015

    If you have a Creative Cloud account then it's free. Otherwise you pay the price and upload anything else.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Voting Dog, an easy to use real-time voting service., in reply to Mihai Serban , Oct 06, 2015

    I agree with Mihai! And don't worry about the final product not looking like exactly what you show now. The screens would be there primarily to help us understand how it'll function exactly.

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