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Leif Abraham

NYC Co-CEO Public.com, Co-Founder AND.CO (acq. $FVRR) Joined about 8 years ago

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  • Posted to Ticker Tees - Turn your favorite stocks into your new favorite t-shirt, Aug 18, 2020

    We launched this fun project today.

    The animation work is again produced by Gaspard + Bruno, a studio based in Portugal: https://gaspardbruno.com

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  • Posted to New site: The Social Investor, Jul 30, 2020

    We have just launched a new site for a survey we ran with our users.

    The design has mostly been done inhouse with animation work produced by Gaspard + Bruno, a studio based in Portugal: https://gaspardbruno.com


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  • Posted to New site: Public.com, in reply to Christopher Henriksen , May 14, 2020

    Awesome- Thanks a lot for this detailed feedback! Very appreciated!

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  • Posted to New site: Public.com, May 11, 2020

    We have launched a new website for Public.com

    Video work is produced by Gaspard + Bruno, a french duo based in Portugal: https://gaspardbruno.com

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  • Posted to Freebie: Brutalism web design templates, Jul 09, 2019

    Every once in a while our design team puts together free stuff for the community. So here yo go, have fun :)

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  • Posted to Matador launched: Free stock trading + Social feed of trades + 2.5% on cash, Mar 28, 2019

    For the last year the team at Matador has built this stellar and beautiful app to let people trade stocks for free.

    Users have the option to share what they buy and sell with others in the community, follow each other to discover interesting stocks.

    Nice bonus: Any cash on the account get 2.5% interest

    Please play with the app and share any feedback! Highly appreciated!

    Thanks everyone!

    P.S.: It's currently US only

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  • Posted to Six Figure Freelancer: Podcast on how to grow your freelance business, Jan 17, 2019

    Hey there!

    We've launched a new project to help freelancers run a better business. Each episode unpacks tips and tactics from some experts and successful one-person-armies.


    • Paul Jarvis (Six Figure Freelancer & Author)
    • Justin Gignac (Co-Founder of Working Not Working)
    • Brennan Dunn (Founder of Double Your Freelancing)
    • Oliver Ginsburg (Head of Support at AND CO from Fiverr)
    • Caitlin Pearce (Executive Director at Freelancers Union)
    • Jeremy Noronha (Head of SEO at Foundr Magazine)
    • Mike Montague (VP of Online Learning at Sandler Training)
    • Preston Lee (Founder of Millo.co)
    • "Alex" Alexandra Fasulo (Fiverr Pro Seller)
    • "Ryrob" Ryan Robinson (Six Figure Freelancer & Founder of Ryrob.com)
    • Kaleigh Moore (Six Figure Freelancer)
    • Dane Sanders (Founder of Fastermind.co & Author)

    Hope you enjoy!

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  • Posted to AND CO Desktop App launched!, in reply to Marcus H , Nov 07, 2018

    Yeah, we're working on that. Also to show that the timer is running. Shoot us more feedback if you have any!

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  • Posted to AND CO Desktop App launched!, Nov 06, 2018


    Today we've launched a brand new Desktop App for Mac and Chrome. It's designed to help track time and tasks super fast and serve as a short cut to the full web app.

    Try it out and send us any feedback you have. We will do a ton of updates.

    Woot Woot!

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  • Posted to Design DB: Curated data base of design freebies from awesome designers, Sep 27, 2018

    Hey there!

    This is a new side-project from the team. A hand-curated list of design freebies from around the internet.

    We'll continue to add more and you can submit anything that you think is awesome and missing via the form on the site. Please do!

    If you use any of the freebies, give the designer a shout-out. We added the creator's twitter handles to each freebie. (the ones we could find)

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