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  • Posted to Craft CMS, Oct 13, 2018

    How is Craft different from Perch?

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  • Posted to How many hours a day are you productive?, Oct 13, 2018

    Imagine you only have an hour a day you can spend uniterrupted behind a computer. How would that change your priorities? What would you work on? How would you go about it? (That said, you have unlimited brain time, so you can prepare everything inside your head.)

    I am a mommy on maternity leave and this is a situation I find myself in now. I've never been so productive.

    Talk about a little bit of pressure that can unlock you, but imagine on top of that, you have very limited time frame. Try it! It will be worth it.

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  • Posted to HTML/CSS/JS Courses for designers, in reply to Billy Mitchell , Sep 08, 2018

    This is how I mastered HTML and CSS. There is no course and no book that can take you to that level. Mathias already has the basics down. Now he has to DO! (And real projects are best for it.)

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  • Posted to What is a Design Audit and Why You Should Conduct One?, Sep 07, 2018

    TL;DR Gather everything a company outputs. If it's a mess, redesign. Make a style guide.

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  • Posted to Hey DN! I have a process question!, Sep 07, 2018

    I liked both anwsers from Cristian and Alejandro. First, there needs to be a foundation that you can decorate on.

    I think all animations/transitions should follow a system. There should be some definitions put in place: timings (bezier easings), page/screen transitons, hovers/focuses/taps, do things slide or fade?, do buttons and icons change color or explode or what?

    If your app is playful or serious, you choose these definitions accordingly and no matter what feature or element is added, yiu just follow a pattern.

    Do not overthink it. People overthink and complicate things. Have a simple pool of transitions in place and just copy! (Also, people are already used for things to work a certain way. For example, double-tap to like.)

    So maybe if you make things super-simple for yourself, the sprints will not stress you anymore. I like when things are just simple...

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  • Posted to I fixed up Citi Bike's logo and icon design, in reply to Adam Fisher-Cox , May 30, 2018

    Oh well yours is 100% better! Good job!

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  • Posted to I fixed up Citi Bike's logo and icon design, May 30, 2018

    I really like that app icon, it looks solid, although I don't know how it looked before.

    I'd also prefer embedded images here in this post so I don't have to click through to dribbble.

    The logo typeface - I did not know which was the before and the after, I began to doubt my first guess. The improvements are quite subtle.

    I think the letter space is much better in your updated version, but I'd prefer the "i" same as in "citi", and the same letter height for all letters.

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  • Posted to What is the difference between patterns and components in a design system?, in reply to Yasen Dimov , Jan 23, 2018

    Can you give me an example of a pattern and a component please?

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