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  • Posted to The Practical Guide to Experience Design, Apr 19, 2020

    I reviewed proofs of this new book. It fills a big gap in the market by offering clear guidance on what a successful UX or product designer needs to do, but doesn't reduce the work to over-simplified templates or quickly-outdated tools.

    I believe it will prove valuable to new designers and others hoping to understand how it's done in the real world, and is also a good resource for those of us that just need to double-check our goals.

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  • Posted to Best freebie resources for designers?, May 27, 2018

    Small but nice: https://www.toicon.com/series

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  • Posted to Site Design: x.com , in reply to Craig Rozynski , Jul 24, 2017

    I don't understand how this made Elon rich.

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  • Posted to How do you guys 'Save for Later' the Articles you like?, in reply to Matt Willett , Jul 10, 2017

    I have solved exactly your problem with Pinboard's oft-overlooked tab sets.

    When I get overwhelmed by my browser workspaces (Chrome or Safari), I use it to save them all. And then my "new window" setting is to visit my saved tabs (https://pinboard.in/u:username/tabs/) which keeps me motivated to eventually consume them.

    I do wish it was better designed for deleting them or moving them to bookmarks or Instapaper. (I also use Instapaper for "things I want to sit and read with focus", which is different problem.)

    You can also find browser extensions to re-style it if your aesthetic sensibilities are threatened by it's brutalist design. ;-)

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  • Posted to Iconjar has been released, Feb 13, 2017

    It deserves a mention that Svgsus http://www.svgs.us/ serves a similar purpose.

    (I host toicon.com and have not really found One True Icon Library Manager to support, but based on popularity maybe IconJar is the one!)

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  • Posted to Comparing prototyping tools, in reply to Christoph O , Dec 01, 2015

    Indeed, one of my concerns with systems like InVision is that they are most appropriate in early project stages, but integrate a lot of feedback and communication tools that can make it harder to move on to another tool later.

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  • Posted to Comparing prototyping tools, in reply to Nathan Manousos , Dec 01, 2015

    Flinto and Proto.io almost made the cut, but on a quick review were very similar to tools already on our plate. But if we have a slow period over the holidays we might be coerced into giving them and a shot (with a few others).

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  • Posted to Comparing prototyping tools, Nov 30, 2015

    As a shop with a very Adobe-heavy workflow, we are really looking forward to Comet. But until then, our present use of Keynote and After Effects for prototyping experiences feels too limiting, so we evaluating 7 alternatives.

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  • Posted to Why acknowledging sexism (even inadvertent sexism) is important, Oct 15, 2015

    As a founder of a small design agency that is 83% female, I would like to thank the many people here who don't understand why or how a safe environment is important, for making recruiting so much easier for us.

    (No, really, I'd rather everyone catch on.)

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  • Posted to The case against Dropbox looks stronger with each passing day, Sep 25, 2015

    Happy customer of Dropbox for a small agency, here. It has enabled us to build a company without a file server, which is great. We've also considered Google Drive (as a European company, we have qualms with clients finding out we're using Google servers for their data) and Amazon WhateverStupidName (which doesn't "feel" as solid on the desktop and lacks the ecosystem support for iOS apps).

    We have had to start using WeTransfer for delivering to clients, because the use case for transfer is different enough. And recently bought a NAS to have our own backup (that also pushes to Amazon Glacier)…when you get to the point of not syncing to any workstations, it's uncomfortable to think Dropbox is the only place your files live.

    If we are representative of their customer base, they have failed to create lockin. And if this article accurately reflects their attitude towards product development, I sure wouldn't be investing in them!

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