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Taylan Pince

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  • Posted to Swift Playgrounds: Should we teach coding, or creativity?, in reply to Anthony Mann , Jun 16, 2016

    Of course I tried it, how can I write an opinon piece on it if I haven't? I find the general approach in Playgrounds too constrained and focused on the specifics of the language instead of helping children realize their imaginations.

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  • Posted to Swift Playgrounds: Should we teach coding, or creativity?, in reply to Brad McNally , Jun 16, 2016

    Not at all! On the contrary I think of coding as a creative endeavour. But the kind of coding you do determines what you end up focusing on. My point was that we should allow kids to focus on realizing their imaginations instead of learning the intricacies of the Swift language.

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  • Posted to Snipboard - Custom Keyboard for iOS, in reply to Adria Jimenez , Nov 29, 2014

    "Allow full access" simply means that the keyboard can actually access the data you saved. Unfortunately this is the only way Apple allows us to work with the keyboards.

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  • Posted to How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?, in reply to Luke Chesser , Sep 10, 2013

    I completely agree with this. You should basically multiply all the parameters you use by a factor of 7 to 10 to get realistic results. If you keep this tool out there and people actually start using it, you are going to hurt the iOS developer industry so much. Clients already have a bad understanding of how time consuming it is to develop a well-made app, you are making it so much worse by putting something like this out there.

    Please change this tool to output realistic estimates. The hourly rates you base your calculations on are correct, so I assume you are using the wrong hour amounts to calculate how much each module will take to develop. An app with a custom interface doesn't take a week develop, it takes at least 5, more likely 8 weeks!

    For an app that has pretty much everything, the tool is quoting $13,500. It should be quoting $70,000 - $90,000.

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