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  • Posted to How We Onboard New Clients Remotely, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Nov 02, 2016

    Hahah, I hear you, it has been about 2 years since we updated so you have a valid point there about our website. Hopefully we'll get back to that once we can find some free time, thank you for the feedback :)

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  • Posted to How We Onboard New Clients Remotely, in reply to Philip Amour , Nov 02, 2016

    Hey Philip, we were involved in the design process and did the whole development of the app. Working with Kory and Aaron in particular was really great, some of the best clients we had :)

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  • Posted to Shopping Coming to Instagram, Nov 02, 2016

    This is a perfect tool for our "consumer society". First Instagram opened a door for us to share our visual worlds, which was interesting since the content allowed us to connect with each other. However I see this as a connection to the business world that is mainly ruled by money not imagination. It will create an amazing source of income for Facebook but they should also think about tools for us to share our imagination, our world, our feelings as well. Stories was a tool that did that but it was a copy cat of other tools. Instagram simply harvested the potential of it's community to migrate new users. I would love to see Instagram build a tool for us to share our feelings in different ways.

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  • Posted to Why it is important to understand Figma, in reply to Ariel Verber , Oct 31, 2016

    I'm all for open systems and since Figma is a web based tool, that is a greater open system in my opinion. I think a plugins will come to Figma, however when these systems are monitored like the App Store model you get better quality. Just like what we get with Craft by Invision. So instead of having bunch of different plugins there is a main plugin that has many of the functionality you need, with one simple interface. Sure there should be other developers, free to do what they want, we should never limit creativity. What I'm trying to get at is when there are no rules you have chaos, this is the problem I see with Sketch. What we need is an open system with rules so that I don't have look through 130 plugins to find out what I want. Hope it makes sense :)

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  • Posted to Why it is important to understand Figma, in reply to Rory Smyth , Oct 31, 2016

    I totally understand where you are coming from and for now you might be right, that's what I wanted to explain in my post. The thing is Sketch offers an open system and you try to understand and use every plugin but they are all designed by someone else so you need to get use to a lot of new interfaces. If your flow is set and Figma is slowing you down it might not be the right time to switch. For me I'm not that much of a plugins guy so the switch was easier. However to have a tool that uses an universal platform like the web has many benefits and I'm trying to focus on that, so it is not only easier for me but easier for our developers as well. It totally depends on your point of view.

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  • Posted to Color predictions for 2017? , in reply to Jan Semler , Oct 22, 2016

    https://asana.com/ they follow a similar approach as well

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer VS Sketch, Oct 19, 2016

    I've recently started using Figma and I'm loving it. Mainly it's like Sketch but the version control and being able to have multiple designers and also people being able to comment right there on the design tool are a big plus for my flow. Export system works just like Sketch and developers can open your work from their browsers without installing anything at all! I think there is a future in Figma and I'm planning on sticking by them for the time being.

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  • Posted to AMA: I'm Pablo Stanley, designer, comic writer, and quesadilla lover, Oct 19, 2016

    Hi Pablo, first of all thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

    I'm curious about your work flow, both personal and with a team. What kind of tools do you use for task management and synchronisation. Do you have an office space or do you work remote? And if you were to make a tool for team/task management what would be your top priorities. (Kind of an open ended question but a couple of thought would be great) Cheers :)

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  • Posted to Show your 404, Jul 13, 2016


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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are you utilising any version control system with Sketch?, May 17, 2016

    If it's not a big project every week I start a new page just copy paste and continue on page2. I guess it depends on how you use the pages.

    If it's a large project then this gets a bit tricky. Unless there is a major change it gets lost but when we decide to change icons or something major there are two ways to go. A new Sketch file or copy/paste artboards and have a timeline as you scroll within the page.

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